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Opinions You Disagree With

Corrections: Sorry, Montell Cozart

A look back at last week’s Opinions You Disagree With to correct anything we got wrong.

Last week, I shared with you my opinions on coaches playing it close to the vest, Kenny Hill and Patrick Mahomes, and, of course, rocking out in Waco. And while all of these opinions were incredibly well thought out, and backed by mountains of evidence, some of them still turned out to be wrong.

That’s the beauty of this recurring column. The other shoe drops quickly, so if you disagree with something I write, or everything I write, you won’t have to mope around long before you can throw it back in my face.

Don’t worry, I’m not going to make a Donald Trump joke here…but you can imagine what I’m thinking, right? Pretty great, isn’t it? No, you’re right. I can do better.

So let’s get right down to it. Here’s what I got right from last week, and the real reason you came here, what I got terribly, horribly wrong.

“Newcomer Shane Buechele is going to win the job over Senior Tyrone Swoopes.”
Right! The freshman came out firing and the rest of the Big 12 is already dreading a world where the Longhorns are competent on offense again.

Tyrone Swoopes isn’t an effective passer.
Right again! Don’t you love when announcers remind you that Wildcat QBs “can pass”? Technically, Swoopes does possess the physical ability to hurl the ball down field, but the UT coaching staff only allowed it to happen once. However, Swoopes managed to make his mark in the “18 Wheeler” package, including scoring both touchdowns in OT.

Ryan Willis will start for Kansas.
Uh, no. Montell Cozart reclaimed his starting spot, but results were inconclusive on which QB had the better outing. Rhode Island’s DBs helped ensure this battle would go on for at least another week. Personally, I still think Willis is the choice, but now I expect Cozart to start again against Ohio.

“It’s wise to randomly start your back-up for some games…sorry Baker Mayfield, that’s what they’re expecting.”
More right than wrong! I mean, Mayfield didn’t have great success against Houston in week 1. I think we can all agree the outcome wouldn’t have been worse if backup Austin Kendall had gotten the nod.

“Jesse Ertz is in fact a person.”
Nailed it!

Kenny Hill: overrated.
Yeah, probably. In TCU’s closer than expected win over South Dakota State, Hill completed better than 67% of his throws and managed 484 yards of offense along with 5 total TDs. But, he also threw interceptions on back to back attempts. The Jackrabbits are a strong FCS team and it isn’t Hill’s fault that TCU’s defense put together a scheme that amounted to sneezing on their opponents and hoping they fell down. Still, he needs to do more to prove he’s a top 3 QB in a league boiling over with good signal callers.

Patrick Mahomes: underrated.
You betcha! If Mahomes was the consensus #2 QB in the Big 12 before week 1, he’s gotta be the top dog right now. Former #1 Baker Mayfield was underwhelming against Houston and led his offense to only 6 second half points, which came with the game already out of reach. Mahomes doesn’t get a ton of credit for going over 500 yards of offense against Stephen F. Austin, but a win is always better than a loss. Plus, 500 yards is a lot.

The Gin Blossoms only had one hit.
So wrong. It’s unconfirmed if they played them all in Waco on Friday night, but the Gin Blossoms have at least 4 songs that casual fans will remember. I’m mostly mentioning this because “Hey Jealousy” was probably finally out of your head, and now it’s right back in there. HEEEY JEALOUSY!

Final tally: 6-2

So there you have it. Pretty good average after one week, but don’t you worry. I’m sure to blow it soon. Check back for a new Opinions You Disagree With tomorrow to see just how badly I choke.



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