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As Told By The Fans

CMU Pulls The Upset, As Told By Cowboy Fans

The Cowboys suffered one of the worst defeats in college football history, and we’re here to relive it through their eyes as the chaos unfolded.

College football is amazing. More often than not, the full gauntlet of human emotion is experienced within a few short hours. From hope and excitement to reality and despair. From shocking upsets to soul-crushing defeats. And game threads capture all of it.

I wade through the joy, depravity, excitement, and sorrow that are game threads for the matchup of the week, and select the best comments to tell the story of the game. Grab some popcorn, and enjoy.

Last week, we laughed as Notre Dame fans struggled with the realization that they were going to lose to Texas. This week, in a cruel twist of fate, Oklahoma State fans fume as they try to make sense of one of the most bizarre endings in college football history.

Ride along with the Cowboy fans at as the Pokes struggle with Central Michigan, but pull out an ugly win… or so they thought.


Is it possible to need revenge after a win? Last year, these guys gave us all we could handle for most of the game. We had question marks, for sure, but nobody saw us trailing at half and needing to be so gritty to pull out a win in Mount Pleasant.

We do need revenge, revenge to show the AP voters that they are stupid for dropping us in their poll. We need show no mercy to make a point.

I don’t think CMU hangs around this time. Pokes win 41-17.

If Ramon Richards doesn’t show better coverage against this QB, it may be time to give Pipkins more run.

Richards is a “big play” guy. Sometimes he makes them. Other times he gives them up.

This is our week, Rudolph has a heck of a game, running game and O line get it together and we blow out the chips. Gooner fans whine on sports talk programs all week about how good OSU looks.

Glad we get Petros. I really like him as a commentator. Hopefully he doesn’t piss me off.



Damn this O strategy is weak(as usual) and Rudolph is off

Where is the running game ???

Way too many passes right around the LOS. Mason throwing everything high. Need to settle down.

Sorry series

If we’re aiming for a conf title we have to dominate these games from start to finish.

Not a good start

Good series for the D

Good stop Whitner

Hello Offense? this is a real game..

He’s throwing really high today, it is throwing the receivers off.

Offense looks like the end of last year against a team with a pulse.

Hate to say it. But bench Mason, not one pass has even been close.

Our best O is their D penalties.

2 first downs off penalties. Come on O!

Gawd. Our line is bad. Worse than last year?

So far….so suck!

Ugh….at least the defense looks fast and has their heads in the game.

D is playing well

We’ve got like 38 running backs. Feed em.

We better not throw more sideline stuff.

Get ready for some jet sweeps.

We have more horizontal offense than vertical

Lol this is BAD

Are we going for 150 passes?

I really hate the QB clap

Clap is bad no matter who gets it!

There you go!!!

Great blocking by the WR

Bullet still afraid of the damn logo lol

O needs to play better next week.

They need to play better the rest of this game

I like this defense!

Every throw is high

Good thing we have some tall WRs

Ha. Yes! Veatch!

Welcome to Big 12 football CMU!

I knew Yurcich had a plan. :O

Man I love some TE action up the middle!

We need some 7 foot receivers!!

They are clicking now !!

Burton is scary. I’d hate to take a lick from him.

14-0 after 1. I would happily take that same score in each of the next three quarters. 😉

Cooper Rush does not want his team to go down without a fight. Slicing and dicing the Cowboy D on this drive.

D hitting hard … really hard


3rd and 20 and it’s a TD, FML

Wow. Cowboy D gave up a TD on 3rd and 20.

Highlight of the year for CMU, barf

Gave Rush all day to complete that pass.


7-14 Pokes

Hats off to their QB. He was hit hard numerous times and looks like it does not rattle him one bit.

Same stretch play out of the same 20 personnel flex formation

Is McClesky related to Yurcich?

We officially have 1 run play out of 1 formation

Well, that was a disappointing drive.

Holy shot!

I take it back. 53 yard FG?!?!?

Whoa! 53-yarder is GOOD!

A kicker? We have a real kicker again?!

Cowboy D looks tired despite slow pace of CMU offense.

7-17, OSU, but CMU inside the 5 now.

Need to make a big play.

Do you think it will take CMU that long to put this game away? 😉

This will be a game til the last qtr


Any defense with Ramon Richards starting is not a good defense.

Held CMU to a FG — 10-17 Pokes

The 20 personnel draw again. 2 run plays, 1 formation.

Burn it all down

Wow, Yurcich better do some serious regrouping in the locker room. Play calling has been suspect, I know Mason has missed several throws too. Surely they aren’t saving themselves for Pitt. This game is anything but a done deal !!

This offense :facepalm:

We’re getting outplayed.

I’m getting a little worried about the next three weeks.

Wow….their 1st down plays compared to ours makes us look like the MAC team and them the big school.

So why isn’t Sanders returning punts?

Terrible play calling


About the worst half of football you could play

Oh no! We suck again!

The worst part is I can’t tell if this is sarcastic or not

Halftime (CMU 10 – OSU 17)

Clearly halftime of week 2 is the time to declare this season is bust.

CMU is a good team and returns nearly everyone. I knew this would be a struggle. I think we will regroup and play much more inspired in the second half…hopefully the fans will show up…because they are asleep at the wheel!!

11am kickoff. The booze hasn’t kicked in yet.

I wish I was exaggerating about how elementary our schemes are on offense and defense, but I’m not.

Can’t wait to see everyone else in the big 12 rack up 600 yards of O today.

It’s crazy how far some people are willing to stretch to defend our poor coaching.

I’m so bored.

Anyone got any Info on why Sanders isn’t returning?

My guess is our great coaching

Running game losing yards again…


Yes, dial up a pass short of the 1st down marker on 3rd and 5.

Horrific. Just horrific.

QB going to the wrong read.

Won’t run against Pitt next week. Thier front line is strong.

Can’t wait to hear the same old ass post-game response from mullet man…”well..we’re just not very good”

And… “Cooper Rush is a good football player and will play in the NFL”

Apparently Mason missed the wide open man off the wheel route that would have been 6.

I am not convinced we win this game.

Ouch !!!

3rd and 8….17 yards for 1st down…

Lol. They have way better play calling than us.

We are in for a long long season.

CMU is running that clock, shortening the game… we’ve run 3 plays this quarter..

I’m really starting to think we’re going to blow this one.

Is it basketball season yet?

LOL, roughing the passer.

Defense gassed.. Offense is well rested on sideline (and terrible)

If we lose it’s not because we blew it.

Why is Richards even in He can’t cover!


We are dog [poop].

Richards = Toast

That was a great catch tho.

It’s official. The run game is average on a good day. Will have to rely on sweeps and misdirection like last year. Barry Sanders is not the answer some thought he would be.

Their OL is eating us for lunch. How does CMU have a better OL than a P5 school with 4 10 win seasons in 6 years?

Justice Hill making things happen.

Field goal lol

FG is scary..

Is Mcleskey the only one he’s throwing to today?

Mason isn’t performing when we need it.

High powered Google search offense.

Why on earth do you put Carson back in when Hill looked great?

Google Search engine must not have optimized properly when gundy was searching for coordinators

More of this please!

Jet sweep! DRINK!!!

Does carson have pictures of the coaches???

3 pts lead at the end of 3rd qtr. That is too close for comfort.

Where is Sanders??

Are we watching the Kansas Jayhawks play?

A whopping 180 yds of offense after 3 quarters against a powerhouse opponent. Perhaps some complaints are called for.

What was that, like 5 yards over his head?

This is embarrassing.

Big 3rd down here.


I feel trouble brewing…

They are about to go an 8 minute TD drive here….

1 out of 9 on 3rd down. Lol. So sad

3rd and 13….timeout….

Screen for 15

Absolutely pitiful

Complete trash

Can’t wait for all the Gundy homers to say how we are just being vanilla….lol


Dude has nice touch

The good thing is that they don’t even try to go deep and expose that deficiency.

You SOB!

We’re done. OSU has folded up like a cheap suit.

Texas is going to roll us so bad

Texas??? You watching Pitt?? Baylor will score 50.

Well, at least we got exposed early in the season.

Mason Rudolph is the reason we are losing. He has missed a lot of open receivers. Cooper Rush is by far out playing him.

This is embarrassing. I am honestly shocked.

Our guys already look defeated. Our leaders need to step it up.

Ok so throwing to someone besides Jalen and running Carson actually works?! Ohh EM GEE

Maybe that will be the spark!

Finally, we are throwing to Seales

Hmmmm… We wanted to practice playing under pressure. I get it.

Great to audible by Rudolph to a sack.

3rd and 15…nice

season saving flag

Bailed out again 1-10 on 3rd down

saw that coming!!!!!!!

That was a terrible throw.


What a poor throw


welp…so much for that comeback

Don’t care if we got the ball back. Terrible

we CANNOT run the ball.

Haha still didn’t get in! CMU licking their chops. They’re going to control the clock.

That was a bull[poop] spot!

What is the point of measuring that? Ball is at 2 and first down is at 1.


Does anybody think we can hold them???

Don’t trust us to win this still

Pressure Rush or he will pick you apart

We are going to let them score, aren’t we?

Well I’ll be!

Richards’ redemption!

Winning ugly!

We are gonna screw around and win this!

Hahahaha Ramon Richards!

Get ready for ultra conservative Gundy with the lead.

Sideline warning. That’s the most life we’ve shown all day.

Ramon’s the most bipolar cornerback in college football.

Carson for a 1st.

Look at Carson go!

Do we have 200 yards of O now?

How pathetic are we that we have to take a knee here?

This is going to be weird.

Weirdest victory formation ever.

Punt it out of bounds

That last pass looked like all the rest today!

Gawd that is a shameful way to end a game.

Some things just won’t die. Flag?

Epic fail!

Or not end the game.


**** me

hahahahaha sad

Well if you thought the cotton bowl was embarrassing, just turn the TV off.

We will make the highlights tonight on ESPN so there’s that!


F this BS. Don’t even want to go watch another game.

I’ve officially seen it all as an OSU fan.

Absolutely the worst loss in many many years and it is solely on Gundy and the staff.

Final (CMU 30 – OSU 27)

Again, WHY TAKE KNEES THAT EARLY? Someone’s head needs to roll for that.

You take away Brandon Weeden and Gundy’s ass would be on fire. This shit is unacceptable.

Pathetic in every way. Our play. The officiating. How can our coaching staff not know the rules well enough to protest when the idiot officials allow another play? Disgusting.

This makes me want to vomit. Will we get an “official apology” for the bad officiating? Someone call Boren ASAP!

No matter how much you dress up a turd, spiked, mullet, etc. it’s still a turd.

The officials should be fired. You have to know the rule if you are going to extend the game after it is over.

The difference between this and any other controversial ending is this is 100% black and white

This is very much clear… This thing has to get reversed

The worst part is we actually deserve this L.

Any chance at all of the outcome being reversed?

Not at all



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