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Oklahoma Backup QB Calls Ohio State defense “Basic”, “Will Light Them Up”

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The last thing you want to do before a big game is give the other team bulletin board material. Yet, it seems like every time, there is at least one guy that can’t help himself. Unfortunately for coach Stoops, today that guy is one of his. Backup quarterback and true freshman for the Oklahoma Sooners Austin Kendall gave the first juicy quote for the big Ohio State game this Saturday night.

“I think they have a real basic defense,” Kendall told SoonerSports TV. “I think he (Baker Mayfield) will light them up.” 

Stop the presses! A player believes his team has a chance to succeed against an opponent. How dare he!

That hasn’t stopped the media from blowing up the quote or some Ohio State players from pouncing on it.

Even former Buckeye quarterback and current ESPN analyst Kirk Herbstreit took issue with Kendall stating his opinion.

I cannot stress enough how much I do not believe this quote will be the fuel necessary for Ohio State to play great football. They are a great team, and have one of the best coaches in the country in Urban Meyer. They were going to play well regardless of the opinion of a player who, more than likely, will not play in the game Saturday.

Besides, Kendall may be right. It is safe to assume that Ohio State’s defensive schemes against Bowling Green and Tulsa were nothing to write home about. Of course, Meyer and the Buckeyes will surely open the defensive playbook on Saturday, but from what Kendall has seen on tape, the defense has been rather “basic”.

In the Twitter world, these things gain more traction and garner more attention and at times take away credit from the game played on the field. Ohio State is the third ranked team in the country and going into a hostile environment on the road, as a favorite. Did they really need anymore bullets to munch on?

“Bulletin board” material is cannon fodder for fans and media. Does it give a team a little boost prior to the game? Of course. But to simply claim that now Ohio State will be motivated and now Oklahoma will lose, downplays both teams.

That hasn’t kept Ohio State fans from reminding Kendall how much he likes the Buckeyes.

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