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Rice Band Taunts Baylor Visitors At Halftime

The Rice Band made fun of Baylor’s sexual assault scandal during their halftime performance.

Twitter - Adam Coleman

As you can imagine, the sexual assault scandal that’s rocked Baylor all offseason, came up during their game with Rice. The talking heads on TV outlined the general timeline of events and spoke about rape culture in general being an issue across all campuses around the nation.

However, one way it came up was rather unexpected. At halftime, the Rice band displayed a “IX” followed by a star at midfield in front of the visiting Bears’ crowd.

Of course “IX” is in reference to Title IX, and the star is in reference to disgraced former Baylor president Ken Starr.

Pranks and taking an occasional shot at each other is part of college football. It is part of what makes the sport great. However, Rice University should be ashamed.

One, Baylor currently belongs in a conference to which you’re trying to get in. Two, and much, much more importantly, is sexual assault really something you want to joke about? It’s classless.

Ironically, the performance played out in front of Baylor’s former head coach. Art Briles was at the game. Not on the sidelines, but in the stands watching the game like a regular fan.

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