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What We Learned From Week 3 In The Big 12

“Apparently, running to the ball and picking it up within 3 seconds is not immediate recovery of a fumble.”

Welcome back to “What We Learned”, the series where I explain one thing we learned about each team in the Big 12 previous week’s games. The teams are ordered based on record, so if your team is ordered lower it’s not because I hate them, it’s because they’re bad and deserve to be shunned.


Iowa State is bad. Hoooooo boy, are they bad. Whether it’s a lack of talent, or the players just not picking up Matt Campbell’s system yet, the cyclones are really, really bad. I don’t see a game left on their schedule that I think they’ll win. Obviously, I hope I’m wrong, but this week we learned that Iowa State has no chance of competing in the Big 12 this season.


A 1-2 record through 3 weeks for Oklahoma is not necessarily the best way to see if Oklahoma is a good team this year. Those two losses were to better teams, and they’ll almost certainly still compete for the Big 12 championship this year. This week we learned that Oklahoma is a good team, and that they’re nowhere near the level Ohio State is on.

KANSAS (1-2)

I’m sure some of you are starting to question my unending trust for the Jayhawks, but you can mark it down folks, I, Patrick Mayhorn, am officially calling for Kansas to win the national championship this season. I make this prediction three days after watching Kansas get dismantled by Memphis. I am a football visionary, and believe in Kansas one thousand percent. This week we learned that Kansas likes to show its enemies mercy, instead of crushing them under its weird bird shoes (WHY DOES THE BIRD WEAR SHOES? I WANT ANSWERS).


Kansas State bounced back after a tough loss to Stanford with a dominating performance over lowly Florida Atlantic. Kansas State looked very good against the Owls, but seeing how they look against a Big 12 will help us understand more about the Wildcats. They face off against West Virginia in two weeks, in what should be a great game.


Texas Tech struggled against Louisiana Tech but ultimately put them away late. Louisiana Tech is a deceptively good team, but it was the same story for Tech this week: all offense and no defense. If Texas Tech wants to improve as a program, defense has to become a priority. We didn’t really learn much about the Red Raiders this week, but we will next Thursday when they take on the best team in the Big 12, Kansas.

TEXAS (2-1)

Apparently, running to the ball and picking it up within 3 seconds is not immediate recovery of a fumble. Because of this rule, Cal’s Vic Enwere dropping the ball before reaching the endzone gave Cal another chance at a game clinching touchdown. Even if this didn’t happen, chances are, Texas still loses. They deserved to. Texas was outplayed and they need to improve before taking on Oklahoma on October 8th in the Red River Showdown.


Speaking of records that aren’t indicative of the talent of the team, Oklahoma State is not one of the best 4 teams in the Big 12 this year, but their record says differently. The Cowboys struggled against Pittsburgh, and while the Panthers aren’t a bad team, they aren’t great, and Oklahoma State proved this week that they aren’t great either. INCOMING HOT TAKE: Mason Rudolph is an average quarterback with good receivers and the Cowboys are going to get smacked by Baylor this Saturday.


TCU took care of Iowa State easily last week, as the Cyclones continue to compete for the title of worst power five team. Unfortunately, TCU suffered a loss bigger than the win last week, as KaVontae Turpin went down with a PCL injury, and while he likely doesn’t require surgery, he’ll still miss at least 6 weeks, meaning that TCU will have to take on Oklahoma and West Virginia without him, as well as Kansas, although even with Turpin the Horned Frogs would have no chance against the mighty Jayhawks.


West Virginia had a bye this week.

BAYLOR (3-0)

Baylor took care of Rice handily last week, though they struggled early, not scoring in the first quarter before taking control. Baylor has a chance this week to prove that they’re for real this year against Oklahoma State, but until then, we really don’t have much to go on when forming opinions on the Bears.

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