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Beat The Bookie: Week 4 Picks

Hahahaha… I have to laugh, because if I don’t, I’ll cry. This has been a train wreck. Zachary is the locomotive chugging along down the tracks, which is great. Except for that all the cars behind him have derailed in a massive pileup.

Week 3 Results




1. Zachary Reed 3-2-0 10-5-0
2. Ryan Evans 2-2-1 5-9-1
3. Robert Spradley 4-6-0
4. Chris Ross 2-3-0 4-10-1
5. Cameron Jourdan 0-5-0 4-11-0
6. Derek Morton 1-4-0 4-11-0
Guest: Seth Jungman 3-2-0

It has to get better, right? I mean, it can’t get worse… can it? I guess we will find out, on to week four.

And, just like the three week’s before, we have a guest picker this week! S11 from SicEm365 joins us for week 4 picks. If you aren’t following S11 on Twitter, you need to be!

***** GUEST PICKER *****

S11 from SicEm365

West Virginia -7 (vs BYU)
Texas A&M -5.5 (vs Arkansas)
Pitt +6.5 (vs UNC)
Iowa -13.5 (vs Rutgers)
Ole Miss -7 (vs UGA)

Starting off with the Big 12, I think West Virginia will get enough explosive plays to get more than a seven point margin against a tough BYU team. I think BYU is good but the Mountaineers and DC Tony Gibson will be able to scheme well against a BYU offense that has had some jekyll and hyde moments early in the season from an execution standpoint. Both defenses are solid but the Mountaineers should have enough offense to stretch past the seven point spread.

I think Texas A&M’s defense will do a good enough job with the underrated Arkansas offense that the Hogs will have enough of the issues they had against TCU, A&M, and Texas Tech’s Air Raid offenses the last two seasons to allow the Aggies to win this one. The Aggies are running a different scheme this year but it’s one that attacks in a way that will get similar looks that I expect them to exploit well enough to cover.

I think North Carolina’s defensive issues against the run will lead to issues with Pitt. Last season UNC struggled to stop NC State under the same coordinator who now runs Pitt’s offense to the tune of 500 yards and 40 per drive, NC State just couldn’t stop UNC. All the misdirection and running game should match up well. As risky as Pitt’s coverages are I do think they’ll get UNC off their pace a bit despite UNC’s prolific offenses the last couple of seasons and loaded skill position talent.

Iowa may have been overhyped going into the Big Ten title game but was there for a reason. I don’t think Rutgers is going to keep up with them after needing a wide receiver pass and a long kick return to come back from 21 down against New Mexico.

Given how much Missouri was able to hurt Georgia with spread tactics I think that Ole Miss does the same and gets the notable win that has been eluding them this season. Georgia was able to break 30 against UNC but has not been overly consistent on offense in the two games since then against Nicholls State and Mizzou.


Ryan Evans

Florida State -5 (at USF)
Oklahoma State +8.5 (at Baylor)
Stanford -3 (at UCLA)
Nebraska -8 (at Northwestern)
Arkansas +6 (vs Texas A&M)

Arkansas surely raised some eyebrows around SEC country with their performance on the road at TCU. This newly revived old Southwest Conference rivalry at Jerry World has become a perennial thriller, with each of the last two games going into overtime. I expect similar entertainment value from this week’s edition of Sumlin vs. Bielema.

For whatever reason, I’m much more confident in the rest of my picks. They all jumped out to me as the obvious choice. Maybe I shouldn’t be so confident in four road teams…

Robert Spradley

Oklahoma State +8.5 (at Baylor)
Nebraska -8 (at Northwestern)
UNLV -15 (vs. Idaho)
Tulsa -14.5 (at Fresno State)
Stanford -3 (at UCLA)

Baylor isn’t nearly as good as they were just a season ago and the depth is lacking. Oklahoma State really showed me something last week in a big win over a really good Pittsburgh team. Oklahoma State wears out the Bears defense and rides on to victory.

Nebraska looks much improved after a good win against a decent Oregon team. They’re just too much for a fading Northwestern program.

Idaho isn’t good. UNLV is better.

Fresno State is very pedestrian this season and Tulsa is a pretty decent team with the ability to put points on the board quickly.

Stanford just doesn’t seem to get flustered regardless of what you throw at them. UCLA has shown flashes at times in this young season, but they’ve yet to put together a complete game. Give me the Cardinal and their seemingly unflappable demeanor.

Chris Ross

Western Michigan -7 (vs Georgia Southern)
Memphis -17 (vs Bowling Green)
Louisville -27 (at Marshall)
Oklahoma State +8.5 (at Baylor)
Army -14 (at Buffalo)

I won’t advise you to take the opposite of my picks, but my picks have not exactly been on as of yet this season. Even so, I like Oklahoma State to cover this one. As I mentioned on ESPN Radio 102.3 The Ticket, the Bears are 0-3 against the spread, and Seth Russell has been prone to turning the ball over so far this season, something Oklahoma State has proven that they can take advantage of.

Cameron Jourdan

Florida State -5 (at USF)
Florida +6.5 (at Tennessee)
Michigan -18 (vs Penn State)
Nebraska -8 (at Northwestern)
Oklahoma State +8.5 (at Baylor)

What an odd start to the year for OSU. They should be 3-0, but coaching and officiating errors makes that not the case, and the Cowboys are in a great spot to win their second conference title. IF Oklahoma State ants to beat Baylor, it’s going to have to stop the Bears rushing attack. The Cowboy secondary has gotten a little better every game, but they will be tested this week. Mason Rudolph cannot afford to make mistakes, but the Cowboys have played more formidable teams than the Bears, and they’re ready to upset Baylor.



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