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Boone On Boren, “Maybe It’s Time For David To Retire”

Bold words for an 88-year-old man.

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Mike Gundy wasn’t the only one T. Boone Pickens took a shot at yesterday. The billionaire Oklahoma State booster also went after University of Oklahoma president David Boren.

“Maybe it’s time for David to retire.” Boone said“I’ve known David forever. He likes to talk. He gets a little bit confused sometimes.”

Bold comments for someone that’s 88 years himself, and isn’t looking to retire anytime soon.

The comments, made on the MyStatesman podcast “On Second Thought”, are in response to Boren’s statement yesterday denying that he’s changed his mind on conference expansion.

Maybe Boren should respond to Pickens in Boone’s own words, “Well, to hell with you. I’m not going to retire.”

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