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REPORTS: Mahomes Sidelined With AC Joint Sprain

The Big 12’s Heisman hopeful frontrunner could miss four to six weeks with an AC joint strain.

Getty Images - John Weast

On September 30th, Jarret Johnson of Scout’s Raider Power reported that Texas Tech quarterback Patrick Mahomes had suffered a strain in this tweet:

Chris Level on Double-T 97.3 is also reporting the same, but with a little more detail. Chris said that Mahomes’ injury is a grade 2 AC joint strain, and confirmed that Mahomes will not need surgery.

Obviously, this is good news for Texas Tech, as some thought the injury may have been season ending. The way Mahomes landed on his shoulder looked remarkably similar to how Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo broke his collarbone last year.

While there’s no specific timetable for his return, a quick lookup of the injury indicates that Mahomes could miss up to four to six weeks.


“A grade 2 injury will involve complete rupture of the acromioclavicular ligament and partial tear of the coracoclavicular ligament.  This tearing allows the clavicle to move upward, and as a result the bump on the shoulder is more pronounced.  Pain is more severe and movement of the shoulder is restricted.   Return to play – minimum 4-6 weeks.”

Typically, the treatment for a sprain like this involves a sling, so, as Staking The Plains warns, expect to see reports of the Tech star in a sling sooner, rather than later.

Looking at Texas Tech’s upcoming opponents, backup Nic Shimonek will have to fill in and take on Kansas State, West Virginia, Oklahoma and TCU at the minimum, and at the maximum he would have to face Texas and Oklahoma State, meaning Mahomes would be back for Iowa State and Baylor, as well as any postseason play.

This is a tough loss for a surging Texas Tech team, but Shimonek proved to be a capable backup against Kansas, and Mahomes could return to a Red Raiders team still competing for a conference title 4-6 weeks from now. That is if Shimonek plays up to his potential in some tough games.

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