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Discussing The AP Week 6 Top 25: Should OSU Be Ranked?

Another AP Poll, more to talk about.

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This is a little bit late, but the week 6 AP Poll came out earlier this week, so let’s talk about it.

13. Baylor (5-0)
20. Oklahoma (2-2)
22. West Virginia (4-0)

Oklahoma returned to the polls after their win over the Horned Frogs, and are ranked ahead of West Virginia who overcame a gritty Wildcat team to make their first appearance. It’s great to see both ranked, but I did find it odd that the Sooners jumped The Mountaineers, who are undefeated with wins over Missouri, BYU and K-State.

The Longhorns and the Horned Frogs expectedly fell out of the rankings after their losses, but both still received votes. Well, Texas received just one vote. The only other Big 12 school to receive votes is Oklahoma State following their win over said Longhorns.

The Cowboys were impressive in the win over a ranked Texas team, but weren’t rewarded much. Should they have been ranked this week?

Sam Hewitt – The Longhorns are one of those teams that no matter how far they fall from their glory of the good ol days, they will have great athletes that can beat any team at any given time. Though, it was a decided victory by nearly a 20 point margin, their loss to CMU will haunt them for the remainder of the year. I think the Pokes would have to win out and soundly beat the other Big 12 contenders to even get a sniff at the Top 10 this year.

Dylan Steen – Well, they shouldn’t be ahead of West Virginia so that doesn’t leave many spots left to occupy.

It’s really a question of should the Central Michigan loss count against them. I think they should get a pass for the loss, although still probably get dinged for playing the Chips close at home.

So yes, I think they should be bringing up the tail end of the rankings, But, they should feast on the rump roast of the conference before a marquee matchup with WVU. They’ll inevitably move up and be close to properly ranked if they take care of business the next two games.

We’ve talked about WVU being slighted by being left off the poll for so long, but now that they are on everything is great, right? Or, are they still being slighted by being behind teams lesser accomplished to this point?

Sam Hewitt – I find it hard to justify the Sooners being ranked higher than the Mountaineers, but at this point I’ll take as many Big 12 teams in the Top 25 Poll as we can get, any way we can get them.

West Virginia’s ranking is the one that is most mind-boggling and frustrating to me. Though they don’t have any blowout wins, they have beaten three very tough teams. One of which nearly (and maybe should have) beat Georgia. They probably should have done more damage against Youngstown State, especially with the game being at home, but a 17 point win against a coherent football program shouldn’t be frowned upon too much. They should at least have broken the Top 20, if not 15.

Dylan Steen – What a difference and some bullying on Twitter makes. I’m finally ready to give West Virginia some credit.

The Wizard of Manhattan doesn’t have a bunch of world-beaters this season, but it’s always a solid win when you take down the Wildcats.

I’ve been clear about my lack of respect for the Mountaineers’ opponents to this point, but there aren’t many teams who have survived their first four games. I still have my doubts about their legitimacy as a contender for a conference title, but it’s ludicrous that they’re ranked behind a 2-2 OU team.

In fact, it’s Ludacris because OU is getting “Southern Hospitality” from the voters, but they should “Move B***”” so WVU can “Roll Out”. “What’s Your Fantasy” Mountaineers? To come for that “Number One Spot”.

Does the Big 12 have any shot at making the College Football Playoff?

Sam Hewitt – I don’t think we’ve lost our shot at having a team there, yet. I would say the Big 12’s best chance at having a team in the playoff is WVU going undefeated, or even one loss to one of the better Big 12 programs earlier in their schedule. I think their talent and ability would be undeniable.

Then there is obviously Baylor, who is somewhat in the same boat as WVU. Their value would also be undeniable if they were to finish the season without a loss, or with only one. However, their schedule is very much back-heavy, with TCU, OU, KSU, TTU and WVU being their last five games. There’s probably a loss or two in there somewhere. There’s a good chance that the Big 12 champ, and possible conference representative in the playoff, will be in the last game of the year between West Virginia and Baylor.

Dylan Steen – OU making a leap back into the poll exposes them as the Big 12’s best chance at being represented in the CFP this season. Assuming nobody in the conference finishes the year undefeated, it seems that voters would put the Sooners right in the thick of things if they run their Big 12 slate.

Now, more shenanigans will be needed for them to climb over the elites. But, if chaos reigns in the final couple weeks, as it often does, OU could jump over other 2 loss teams and find themselves in the CFP for a second consecutive season. It’s a long shot, but if voters are willing to rank them 20th just a week removed from a depantsing for their 2nd loss of the year, they’re probably willing to put them back in the top 10 soon.

I’ll be watching how far OU jumps if they beat UT. Pollsters seem to be conflicted about how much value a win over Texas is worth. It wasn’t worth much to OSU, but a win in the Red River Rivalry? Could catapult OU to the top 15.

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