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Brian Bosworth Heavily Hints Oklahoma Should Move On From Bob Stoops

Frustrations are growing in Norman.


Things aren’t going well in Norman. Oklahoma is 2-2, and there are some calling for coach Stoops’ job.

That’s crazy though, right? To fire the winningest coach in school history, a blue blood school that’s rich in history? Not only has Stoops won more games than any of his predecessors, he is the only coach to win every BCS Bowl and a National Title. Pete Carroll didn’t do it. Urban Meyer hasn’t done it, and not even Nick Saban can make that claim.

However, it’s another title that Sooner Nation is just about sick and tired of: Overrated. More times than OU fans care to think about, the Sooners have entered the season in the top 5 with expectations of playing for the National Title, just to have the wheels fall of the Schooner before mid-season. In fact, more than once, they haven’t even finished in the Top 25. Over the last decade, OU consistently ranks as one of the most overrated teams in the country. You can check that here, here, and here.

This season was supposed to be different. This season, OU wasn’t afraid of the preseason hype. They should have been, because they didn’t just lose to Houston and Ohio State, they didn’t belong on the same field. Now, most teams don’t, but most teams didn’t enter the season number three in the polls.

At least one former playing is tired of being “embarrassed”. Two time All-American at Oklahoma, Brian Bosworth heavily hinted on “Speak For Yourself” that maybe it is time to wrap up the Bob Stoops era in Norman. Is the Boz right? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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