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Kirk Herbstreit Rips Texas on ESPN GameDay

Kirk Herbstreit didn’t hold back on his thoughts on Texas and Charlie Strong.

ESPN GameDay

Reports surfaced this week that the University of Texas could be setting the stage to fire Charlie Strong at the end of the season. Compound that with Strong taking over the defense following the loss to Oklahoma State, and at the very least, things aren’t great in Austin.

However, ESPN’s Kirk Herbstreit said on ESPN GameDay that being “released” by Texas should bring Charlie Strong “peace of mind”, and ripped the Texas administration for being a “cesspool”.

Things are going quite as well as hoped after the Horns knocked off Notre Dame, but is coach Strong getting a fair shake? It is hard to win when you practically dismiss half the team upon your arrival, and there is reason to believe the Horns are on their way back. They beat Baylor and Oklahoma last season, and, if things stay on course, they will bring in a top 10 recruiting class for the second year in a row.

Charlie Strong’s job, and whether or not he keeps it, could be more about the power struggle at Texas than the performance on the field though. As Herbstreit calls it a “cesspool”, Sports Illustrated shed a little light on the dysfunction within the Texas administration.

“Texas has been an administrative mess for years, and there’s no immediate end in sight. Athletic director Mike Perrin is a bright man and an accomplished lawyer. But he has no practical athletic department experience and is overmatched in his current job. With Perrin acting as a placeholder, there’s been a mad scramble for power under him, which has caused administrative upheaval and congestion that’s made it a difficult working environment for coaches. Instead of athletic department employees focused on helping coaches win, there’s a feeling at Texas that they are more concerned about their own power.”

Herbstreit is right about one thing though, who would want the job? It’s considered the best job in coaching, given the resources, but is it worth the headache? Especially, when one high profile job is already available and other could open.

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