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Ranking Big 12 Uniforms In Week 6

Ranking the Big 12 uniforms in week 6



Getty Images - J Pat Carter

These rankings are funny. Because they are week-to-week, a team can wear a lesser combination than the week before and finish higher in the rankings. That’s exactly what happened this week.

8. Kansas Jayhawks

The giant KU, the giant Jayhawk, the pattern on the jersey, the bold color on bold color… there is just a little too much going on here for me. Red and blue is a color combination that should be pretty easy to pull off. America has been doing pretty well for a while now. However, Kansas just can’t seem to get it to work.


7. Texas Tech Red Raiders

Sorry Texas Tech, I’m not feeling the tri-color uni combo. To be fair though, it isn’t my favorite when anyone does it. However, I will give Tech some credit. The striping on the jersey, pant and helmet almost ties it all in enough to pull it off. Almost.


6. Texas Longhorns

The traditional uniforms will continue to be the benchmark of the weekly rankings. The Longhorn’s all whites are a solid entry, but they aren’t all that exciting either.


5. Oklahoma State Cowboys

I don’t know who at Oklahoma State looked at the Jayhawk’s uniforms and thought, ‘yeah, let’s do that’, but the Pokes were dangerously close to trying to do too much last week. It might be time to retire the orange chrome helmet. It was fun at first, but it is getting harder and harder to ignore that it just doesn’t seem to work.


4. TCU Horned Frogs

TCU also went with all-whites on Saturday, and they are one of my favorites from the Horned Frogs.


3. Kansas State Wildcats

I have to come clean. The more I rank the uniforms, the more Kansas State’s grow on me.


2. Oklahoma Sooners

The Sooners home kit is tough to beat, and without a lot of competition this week, it is no surprise they are near the top of the rankings.


1. Iowa State

I’m starting to think the Cyclones should wear the gray pants all the time. Last week Iowa State nearly won with their cardinal-cardinal-grays, and while I like that combination a little better than the white-white-gray, the new white helmet pushed them over the top this week.

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