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Big 12 Bowl Season Predictions: Week 7

Let’s start looking at potential Big 12 bowl matchups!


Being that it’s now the middle of the season, it’s officially time to start throwing bowl predictions at the wall and hope one sticks so I can tweet about it in December.

Predictions are dynamic, and will almost certainly change week to week based on performance on the field. This is not an “if the season ended today” kind of article, so if a team is currently undefeated that I don’t think is all that good, the expectation that they will eventually lose will be reflected in the picks. Let’s get picking.

Lockheed Martin Armed Forces Bowl

Date: Dec 23
Matchup: Big 12 vs Navy/ACC
Network: ESPN
Projection: Texas (2-3) vs Navy (4-1)

While I do think Texas will get bowl eligible, I expect Sterling Gilbert will be coaching this game, and facing Navy is never an easy task.

Cactus Bowl

Date: Dec 27
Matchup: Big 12 vs Pac-12
Network: ESPN
Projection: K-State (3-2) vs USC (3-3)

I don’t think Kansas State will get more than eight wins this year, and if that prediction is proven correct, a game against a USC offense with big play potential could be a nice test for Kansas State.

AutoZone Liberty Bowl

Date: Dec 30
Matchup: Big 12 vs SEC
Network: ESPN
Projection: TCU (4-2) vs LSU (3-2)

TCU and LSU are very similar teams this year. I expect TCU to lose once or twice more this year, and if they do, this would be a very nice opportunity to build some momentum for next year.

AdvoCare V100 Texas Bowl

Date: Dec 28
Matchup: Big 12 vs SEC
Network: ESPN
Projection: Texas Tech (3-2) vs Ole Miss (3-2)

This prediction shows that I really don’t think much about either of these teams. It also shows that I really like fun bowl games, and this one has fun potential.

Russell Athletic Bowl

Date: Dec 28
Matchup: Big 12 vs ACC/Notre Dame
Network: ESPN
Projection: West Virginia (4-0) vs Florida St (4-2)

Even though West Virginia is the other undefeated team in the conference, I expect them to fall off soon, and a 2 or 3 loss season would likely land them in a tough game against a team like Florida State.

Valero Alamo Bowl

Date: Dec 29
Matchup: Big 12 vs Pac-12
Network: ESPN
Projection: Oklahoma St (4-2) vs Arizona St (5-1)

I don’t think the Cowboys will end up in one of the major bowls, but if this game was to come to fruition, it would likely be a wonderful, offense heavy shootout.

Goodyear Cotton Bowl

Date: Jan 2
Matchup: At Large/Group of Five
Network: ESPN
Projection: Oklahoma (3-2) vs Miami (4-1)

Oklahoma is getting back on track, and the Cotton Bowl committee loves to put “classic” Big 12 teams in their game that didn’t live up to expectations. With Miami surprising a lot of people, this would make for a great 80’s throwback bowl.

Allstate Sugar Bowl

Date: Jan 2
Matchup: Big 12 vs SEC
Network: ESPN
Projection: Baylor (5-0) vs Texas A&M (6-0)

Baylor is currently one of the two undefeated teams in the conference right now, and while they’ve struggled a little, I expect them to make a very good bowl, and this match-up would be too good to pass up on if it’s a possibility. That is, if the SEC isn’t too nervous to let A&M play it.

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