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TCU’s Aaron Curry Choked By Chin Strap, Saved By Teammates

Things got scary for a few minutes for TCU’s Aaron Curry in their game against West Virginia.

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Football is a physical sport, so when we talk about scary things happening on the field it is usually because a hard hit has a player down and not moving. However, sometimes something as simple as an equipment malfunction can have you fighting for your life all of a sudden. Just ask Aaron Curry, a defensive tackle for TCU.

In the third quarter against West Virginia, Curry found himself at the bottom of a pile. And it appears that somehow, when going down, his chin strap came off his chin and was pressed against his neck. Popping back up, he could not remove the strap. That’s right, he was being choked by his own helmet.

He was quickly swarmed by teammates and trainers, and at least one WVU player that helped him to remove his helmet. He was lead off the field by trainers, presumably to calm down and get checked over. All things must have been okay since he came back into the game later.

A TCU spokesman told USA TODAY Sports in a text message that Curry was OK after the game.

Few things are as frightening as the inability to breathe. Football players expect to maybe get the wind knocked out of them. However, to be choked by your own helmet, that had to be a nightmare. Everybody is glad he is okay and we hope that things like this will remain a rarity.

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