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Mike Gundy’s Mullet Is Out Of Control

Oklahoma State coach Gundy’s mullet is now down to his shoulders.

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Before the season started I predicted that Gundy’s mullet would be to his shoulders by late-November. Here’s the full quote from our preseason predictions:

“What started out a bad haircut at Big 12 media days has turned into a media circus all its own. Gundy has had fun with it, and embraced it with the team. Although, I’m not sure he’s thought this through. We’re entering the season and he’s still partying like it’s 1999 in back. As the team starts winning, and the schedule sets up nicely to win early, I’m not sure the guys in the locker room are going to let him cut it. Plus, we all need two things in our lives: Gundy with a mullet standing on the sideline with his jacket tucked into his pants, and Gundy with a mullet dancing in the locker room.”

I have to be honest, though. I didn’t fully expect it to happen, and I really didn’t expect to see it a full month early. But here we are in late October, and Gundy’s mullet is out of control.

Now, as far as the other part of the prediction, we just need the weather to get cooler as we’ve already gotten a mulleted Gundy dancing in the locker room following the Pokes’ win over the Longhorns.

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