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Ranking Big 12 Uniforms In Week 8

The week 8 uniform rankings feature an unlikely contender with a surprise entry.



Getty Images - Scott Winters

After missing last week (sorry about that!), the uniform rankings are back! I’m sure most, if not all 100 percent agree with our rankings, but on the off chance that you don’t, let us know your favorite in the comments and why. We’ll also take it under advisement in the future rankings.

8. Oklahoma State Cowboys

Easily the Cowboys worst uniform combination yet. One, the tri-color just isn’t a good look. Two, the gray pants with the subtle lighter gray “Cowboys” down the pants don’t seem to go with the rest of the uniform. Three, the oversized Pete, orange chrome helmet it played out.


7. TCU Horned Frogs

We’ve seen the all-whites from TCU before, but this time around they ditched the dark purple stripe down the helmet. It was better the other way, but still, a strong entry from the Horned Frogs.


6. Oklahoma Sooners

The Sooner’s away kit isn’t going to win many uniform awards (I don’t know that there are any, but go with it for the sake of argument.). It also isn’t going to lose any.


5. Texas Longhorns

See above. Also, we’ve had the blue blood program’s away uniforms go up against each other before, and like last time, the all-white gets the nod over the crimson helmet.


4. West Virginia Mountaineers

The blue-blue-white isn’t the Mountaineers strongest entry, but like most of their uniform combinations, it is a good look. Now, if they would just do something about those numbers.


3. Kansas State Wildcats

The Wildcats were the only traditional uniform wearing team at home this week, which found their uni a littler higher in the polls than usual. I also said in the last rankings that their uniform has grown on me since ranking them, and that continues to be true.


2. Texas Tech Red Raiders

Few do all-black as well as the Red Raiders. Mostly because it’s actually a school color, but also because they still manage to balance it with just enough accent. Plus, those helmets are sharp. If it were not for a special entry this week, they probably would have taken the top spot.


1. Kansas Jayhawks

The Jayhawks debuted their new alternate “Limestone” uniforms on Saturday, and no, we didn’t hold the name against them. Seriously, was “Rock Chalk” taken?

As usual, Adidas tried to do too much, and I could have done without the brick pattern, but over all it is a really strong look. Especially as their regular uniforms routinely come in last in the rankings each week.

Kansas should think about making this their regular uniform, or at the very least, keep the blue. They finally found a color combination that works, and for that they have been rewarded.

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