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Big 12 Bowl Season Predictions: Week 9

Projecting which Big 12 teams will end up in the postseason, and where after week 8.

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Welcome back to bowl season predictions. Predictions are dynamic, and will almost certainly change week to week based on performance on the field. This is not an “if the season ended today” kind of article, so if a team is currently undefeated that I don’t think is all that good, the expectation that they will eventually lose will be reflected in the picks. Let’s get picking.


Date: Dec 30
Matchup: Big 12 vs SEC
Network: ESPN
Projection: Kansas State(4-3) vs Ole Miss (3-4)

Texas and Texas Tech both fall out of the bowl predictions this week after tough losses, bumping Kansas State up to the Liberty Bowl. Ole Miss is pretty low in the SEC, but I expect they’ll be back by the end of the year.


Date: Dec 28
Matchup: Big 12 vs SEC
Network: ESPN
Projection: TCU (4-3) vs Florida (5-1)

Even with a tough loss in Morgantown for TCU last Saturday, I still expect TCU to be the 4th (technically fifth but I have an at large prediction)team in the conference when everything is all said and done.


Date: Dec 28
Matchup: Big 12 vs ACC/Notre Dame
Network: ESPN
Projection: Oklahoma State (5-2) vs North Carolina (6-2)

Oklahoma State stays put this week, but their opponent changes, as I expect the top ACC team to slide into the playoffs, and the next best team to be in the ACC to be in the Orange bowl, meaning that North Carolina, the third best ACC team will face Oklahoma State in the Russell Athletic Bowl


Date: Dec 29
Matchup: Big 12 vs Pac-12
Network: ESPN
Projection: Oklahoma (5-2) vs Utah (7-1)

This one stays the exact same. Both teams won last week, though this will almost change next week, as Utah is set to take on Washington, and the winner will sit alone atop the Pac 12 for at least a week.


Date: Jan 2
Matchup: At Large/Group of Five
Network: ESPN
Projection: Baylor (6-0) vs  Auburn (5-1)

Baylor drops to an at large bid after West Virginia’s big win, and Auburn slides here because they’re likely to be the third SEC team at the end of the year, being that they’re in the same division as Alabama.


Date: Jan 2
Matchup: Big 12 vs SEC
Network: ESPN
Projection: West Virginia (6-0) vs Tennessee(5-2)

I have West Virginia as the best Big 12 team right now, meaning they’d land in the sugar bowl against the SEC runner-up, which Tennessee is looking more and more likely to be.



Date: December 31
Matchup: 1 vs 4
Network: ESPN
Projection: Alabama (7-0) vs. Ohio State (6-1)

Ohio State gets the nod at the fourth spot because I think they’ll win out, including a win in the B1G championship, and in a familiar situation to Big 12 fans, a one loss Ohio State team gets in over a one loss West Virginia or Baylor team, and deservedly so, because West Virginia and Baylor played no one out of conference, and Ohio State manhandled Oklahoma.


Date: December 31
Matchup: 2 vs 3
Network: ESPN
Projection: Washington (7-0) vs Clemson (7-0)

Washington slides up to the 2 spot and Clemson to 3rd, even though I think Clemson is still going to drop a game at some point in the year. On the other side, I could see Washington finishing the regular season undefeated, and the Huskies could pose a serious threat to win the championship this year.

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