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Baylor Is Wearing Blackout Unis Against TCU & It’s Awkward

Baylor fans protesting the firing of coach Art Briles are wearing black on Saturday, and so will the football team.



Getty Images - Ronald Martinez

Baylor’s director of equipment services announced on Friday morning via Twitter that the Bears will be wearing all black uniforms against TCU on Saturday.

And it’s awkward…

For Baylor’s biggest home game of the year, against their biggest rival, they aren’t even wearing their school colors. It was weird when the Bears forewent their school colors and wore mostly black to welcome Oklahoma State, a team that actually has black as one of their main colors. That was a strange decision, but this is something else, something worse.

If the Bears were calling for a blackout of the stadium, that would be one thing, but they aren’t. In fact, they’ve asked all their fans to wear green.

Now, here’s where it gets awkward. There will be fans in the stadium not wearing green. They will be wearing black. A contingent of Baylor fans have made it known that they will be wearing black to show their support of disgraced former coach Art Briles, especially at the TCU game.

So there you have it, in a game where Baylor has asked the fans to wear green to the stadium, but some fans will wear black to protest the firing of Art Briles, the team will be wearing black. All of this while new allegations of mishandling sexual assault reports seemingly come out by the day. Is Baylor really that out of touch with their fan base not to know? Do they really not understand the position they are in? Are they really that out of touch with reality?

On Saturday, it will appear so.

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