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Big 12 Bowl Season Predictions: Week 11

There are just a handful of weeks remaining in the regular season, and bowl projections are getting easier to make. Will the Big 12 make the CFB Playoff? Here’s how I have it.

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Welcome back to bowl season predictions. There’s a big of a shake up this week. After holding on as long as possible, it’s time to acknowledge the obvious. It looks less and less likely that the Big 12 will earn both a Sugar Bowl bid and a Cotton Bowl appearance.

As we near the end of the season, bowl projections are getting easier to make, but as always, predictions are dynamic. They will almost certainly change week to week based on performance on the field. This is not an “if the season ended today” kind of article, so if a team is currently at the top of the conference standings that I don’t think is all that good, the expectation that they will eventually lose will be reflected in the picks. Let’s get picking.


Date: Dec 23
Matchup: Big 12 vs Navy/AAC
Network: ESPN
Projection: Kansas State (5-4) vs. Navy (6-2)

The Lockheed Martin Armed Forces Bowl returns this week as it becomes less likely that a Big 12 team finds their way into an NY6 game with an at large bid. Kansas State’s loss on Saturday puts them at 7th in the conference, and right on the edge of not making a bowl game. A loss to Baylor after this week’s bye casts some serious doubt on the Wildcats’ bowl hopes.


Date: Dec 27
Matchup: Big 12 vs Pac-12
Network: ESPN
Projection: TCU (5-4) vs Stanford (6-3)

Two teams that are trying to figure out exactly what they are late in the season, this would make for an interesting matchup and likely a really good game. Here’s to hoping that both teams wear their home uniforms if this game really happened.


Date: Dec 30
Matchup: Big 12 vs SEC
Network: ESPN
Projection: Texas (5-4) vs. Arkansas (6-2)

The dream of a Southwest Conference rivalry bowl rematch is still alive after two straight Texas wins has the Longhorns back in the bowl discussion. Texas has to keep winning for this one to come true, and as of right now, I expect they will.


Date: Dec 28
Matchup: Big 12 vs SEC
Network: ESPN
Projection: Baylor (6-2) vs Texas A&M (7-2)

The battle of disappointment! This one depends on both teams losing at least once more, something I expect they’ll do. Baylor and Texas A&M both had high hopes that were broken last week (Baylor’s were already mostly broken, A&M’s weren’t), but who can turn down Texas A&M facing off with a Big 12 team (other than Texas A&M)?


Date: Dec 28
Matchup: Big 12 vs ACC/Notre Dame
Network: ESPN
Projection: West Virginia (7-1) vs Virginia Tech (7-2)

Unless West Virginia wins out, they’ll likely finish 3rd in the conference, setting them up to take on the third best team in the ACC, Virginia Tech.


Date: Dec 29
Matchup: Big 12 vs Pac-12
Network: ESPN
Projection: Oklahoma State (7-2) vs. USC (6-3)

A surging USC team heads to the Alamo Bowl while Washington State goes to the rose bowl with Washington in the Playoff. With Oklahoma State’s win over West Virginia, they’ll have the tiebreaker at the end of the year if both teams have 2 conferences losses, which I expect they will, putting them here.


Date: Jan 2
Matchup: Big 12 vs SEC
Network: ESPN
Projection: Oklahoma (7-2) vs Florida (6-2)

The way the SEC is set up, Florida could very possibly be Alabama’s opponent in the championship game, and that loss would put them here against a surging Oklahoma team.



Date: December 31
Matchup: 1 vs 4
Network: ESPN
Projection: Alabama (9-0) vs. Ohio State (8-1)

Another week, another win for both of these schools. Alabama held off LSU while Ohio State dismantled Nebraska, keeping this matchup the same once again, as the rivalry games at the end of the year for both teams became increasingly more important.


Date: December 31
Matchup: 2 vs 3
Network: ESPN
Projection: Washington (9-0) vs Clemson (9-0)

Clemson would have to lose twice for Louisville to take their spot here, and a Washington loss would put the loser of the Ohio State Michigan game here, but as of right now both teams are undefeated, and I expect it to stay that way, so they stay put.

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