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Baylor Is Becoming “That” Guy

Oh, you thought “#CAB” meant Coach Art Briles?


You know “that” guy. That drunken idiot at the party that says something offensive and when they inevitably get called on it, they back pedal and claim they were just kidding.

Well, Baylor is now “that” guy.

It has been brewing all season. Baylor seems oblivious to the seriousness of the situation they face. First, the assistant coach Kendall Briles defiantly wore “CAB” on his hands in support (or honor?) of disgraced former coach Art Briles.

Then, Shawn Oakman, who’s currently facing sexual assault allegations, waltzed right through the Baylor’s locker room after their game against Rice. Regardless if interim coach Jim Grobe didn’t know who Oakman is, that should never have happened. Someone in the locker room should have realized how inappropriate it was, and addressed the issue. Or is everyone at Baylor that ignorant?

To top things off, last week fans jumped on board the “#CAB” train, and sold black shirts with the phrase printed across the chest during the TCU game. Leading up to the game fans were encouraged by a subset of the Bear’s fan base to wear black instead of green as the school had asked in protest of Art Briles firing. To make matters worse, the team then decided to wear all black against Horned Frogs.

The University has tried, however feebly, to bring its fans around. They released a statement condemning Briles and outlined how the former coach mishandled reports of sexual assault involving his players.

“Over the course of the past year, the student-athlete’s head coach, his sports administrator, the head football coach, and the Athletic Director have each independently confirmed to the University – in some instances, on multiple occasions – that they did not report this sexual assault allegation to Judicial Affairs in 2013.”

Now, it would seem, some have gone into full “spin zone” effect. Former player and now GA Brad Willard showed up for the Baylor vs. OU game like this:

Of course “#CAB” is not referencing “Coach Art Briles”. It means “Champions Are Built”.

Uh huh, sure it does. Congrats Baylor, you’re “that” guy and it looks like you’ll be “that” guy for a while.

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