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Is SMU’s Chad Morris About To Be Baylor’s Next Head Coach

With the 2016 coming to a close, Baylor may have their next head coach lined up.

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Interim coach Jim Grobe was charged with leading the Baylor Bears as the school transitioned out of the Art Briles era. It could not have been an easy challenge to accept, and in many ways, it may have been harder than Grobe expected walking in. However, his time at the helm seems to be coming to an end as Baylor is reportedly close to hiring a new head football coach.

According to, Baylor is close to hiring SMU’s Chad Morris.

However, Fox Sports is reporting that may not be a done deal just yet. According to their sources, Morris has yet to be contacted by the school, and hasn’t accepted any offers.

For the most part, this sounds like coach speak. No, of course Morris hasn’t spoken with Baylor yet. There’s still football to play. However, the way this works is, their people talk to your people so when the end of the season does get here, all that’s left is for the two parties to get into a room, make sure everything checks out, and sign the paperwork.

If Morris does become the Bear’s next head coach, he could be a great fit in Waco. Morris has experience with what it’s like to be at a private, religious institution. He’s shown that he can recruit within the requirements those schools often ask of their student athletes, and that he can recruit Texas.

Of course, if Morris does make the jump, it’s only going to deepen the rivalry between the two schools. Morris has turned SMU around, and brought excitement back to their football program. After going 2-10 last season, Morris has SMU at 5-6 so far this season, which includes a big win over Houston.

The Mustangs aren’t going to give Morris up without a fight, though. They will reportedly offer Morris a raise and a contract extension to keep him at SMU.

“This time of year in college football — this time of year even when I was in high school football — that’s just what happens,” Morris told the Dallas Morning News. “Even when I was at Clemson as a coordinator, it was every year. Every year at this time something comes up, somebody’s mentioned your for this job. You’re either getting fired because you ain’t won enough games or you’re leaving because you’ve won too many games. Or you’ve got a program going in the right direction. That’s just the way this business is at this time of year.”

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