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Baylor To Break Out A New Helmet Against Texas Tech On Friday

The Bears have unveiled brand new lids they plan to wear against Texas Tech.



Twitter - Jeff Barlow

There are not a lot of reasons to get excited about Baylor football right now, but the school it trying to give the Green and Gold faithful a little something to look forward to on Friday. When the Bears take the field against Texas Tech this holiday weekend, they will do so donning a brand new helmet.

I have to say, it should be a strong look, and I’m a fan of the new helmet. The Bears are will need to find some fight if they are going to knock of Patrick Mahomes and the Red Raiders, maybe a new lid will provide the needed spark.

Baylor also tweeted out a pretty cool video of the new lids being put together. Give it a watch, and let us know what you think of the new look in the comments!

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