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Turns Out, Oklahoma No Longer Lost To Notre Dame Back In 2012

The NCAA came down hard on Notre Dame this week, and now the Sooners have one less loss.

The NCAA announced on Tuesday that they found Notre Dame will be forced to vacate wins from 2012 to 2013 after their investigation into the university discovered that a former student athletic trainer committed academic misconduct infractions involving several members of the football team.

Per the NCAA release:

“During two academic years, the former student trainer and two football student-athletes engaged in academic misconduct when the former student trainer completed coursework for the student-athletes. These student-athletes, in addition to a third football student-athlete, also committed academic misconduct individually. The university determined the three student-athletes violated its academic integrity policies. The misconduct resulted in the student-athletes playing while ineligible — one student-athlete during the 2012-13 season and the other two student-athletes during the 2013-14 season.

The former student trainer also provided impermissible academic assistance to six additional football student-athletes in a total of 18 classes.”

Forfeiting wins in those years, means that Oklahoma’s loss to the Fighting Irish in 2012 no longer happened. As far as the record books are concerned, the game was never played. Although, good luck scrubbing it from the memory of the fans.

The Irish can still appeal the decision, which they plan to do, so the 30-13 Sooner’s loss could get put back in the books. For now though, Oklahoma’s record just got a little bit better.

Now, if Oklahoma State could just get Central Michigan to vacate a certain 2016 win…

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