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Weird, Wacky, and Crazy Big 12 Stats: Week 13

Looking at the stats from around the Big 12 in week 13, but not just any stats, the ones the make you go, ‘wow’.

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Every game, every week, and every season has a statistic that seems to defy explanation. Sometimes they are just weird. Other times wacky. And, when all sanity seems lost, downright crazy. We are here to find those stats and bring them out into the light they belong.

3 of 5 – The Big 12 has 3 of the top 5 offenses in the FBS. Texas Tech (1st – 564.5 yards/game), Oklahoma (3rd – 550.8 yards/game), and Baylor (4th – 530.9 yards/game). Why is this weird, wacky, and crazy? Only Oklahoma has a guaranteed winning record out of those three. In fact, Texas Tech is the only team with a losing record within in the top 5 (Louisville is 2nd and Toledo 5th). And, they might be joined by Baylor by the end of the bowl season.

27.625 –  Keke Coutee averaged almost 28 yards a catch in the game against Baylor. He finished with 8 receptions for 221 yards and 2 touchdowns.

200 – We mentioned this last week, but it bears repeating. Bill Snyder won his 200th game at Kansas State with the win over Kansas. He is in rarefied air.

11 – Staying in the Sunflower State, this was a hard stat to choose from. Either 11, 59, or 99. KSU won by double digits and only threw the ball 11 times. Jesse Ertz had 59 yards through the air and Kansas State as a team only had 99. However, they put 342 on the ground.

13.8 – Don’t look now Texas fans, but your rebuild could be more than just a hot coaching hire away. Shane Buechele posted a Raw QBR of 13.8 (17.5 ADJ) in the game against TCU. His Raw QBR for the season is 55 and the Adjusted is not much better at just 55.3. Sure, he is a just a freshman, but his QBR numbers have taken a steady nosedive throughout the season.

634 – If you told me a team put up 634 yards with over 250 coming on the ground and they lost by double digits I wouldn’t believe you. Well, believe me because Baylor did it this weekend. The offense was certainly fired up for the game against Tech, but those turnovers in the red zone were brutal.

613 – What makes those Baylor numbers more brutal? West Virginia put up almost the exact same (341 passing, 272 rushing) and beat Iowa State by 30. Yes, the same 3-8 Iowa State that buried Texas Tech 66-10 just a week earlier.

27.5 – Skyler Howard averaged 27.5 yards per completion in the game against Iowa State (12/21 for 330 yards). With a stat like that it is amazing that WVU even tried to run the ball instead of just throwing it all day.

309 – Texas defense has been bad all year, which is surprising since it had been the strength of the team during Strong’s first two years. But, the wheels came off in more ways than one this season. However, giving up 309 rushing yards to anybody simply isn’t acceptable. This, and many other reasons, is why Strong is no longer leading the Longhorns.

38 – Only 38 yards separated Kansas State’s offense from Kansas’. However, in true Snyder ball K-State dominated time of possession (36:23 to 23:37) and the turnover battle.

49 – We are used to crazy passing statistics in an Air Raid offense. However, it still stands out that Patrick Mahomes II averaged just north of 49 attempts per game. Throw in the fact that he also carried the ball the most for Texas Tech (sacks included) and you wonder what this team could have done if they fielded a better defense than your local junior high’s back up squad?

1,987,342* Number of tweets, stories, and reports giving all the hot takes and done deals in Texas coaching search. As what usually happens, in everybody’s rush to get a scoop many reports were false or misleading.

* denotes an approximate and completely made up number.

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