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Southwest Airlines To Do A Flyover At Bedlam

Southwest and Oklahoma are planning a touching tribute to honor Mike Winchester.


When you hear of a flyover happening at a sporting event, you probably picture a formation of 3-5 military jets, or some sort of other military aircraft. What you don’t think of, is a commercial airliner flying over. However, weather permitting, that’s exactly what will happen at Bedlam.

Southwest Airlines announced yesterday that they are planning to fly over Oklahoma Memorial Stadium for the Bedlam game in honor of Mike Winchester.

Winchester, a Southwest employee of 29 years and former punter at Oklahoma under coach Barry Switzer from 1984-1986, was shot and killed two weeks ago in a sniper-style of attack just outside Oklahoma City’s Will Rogers Airport.

Winchester is survived by his wife, Julie, and his three kids. His son, James, played football at Oklahoma under coach Bob Stoops and now plays in the NFL for the Kansas City Chiefs, and his daughters, Emilyne and Kate, who also play sports at Oklahoma (basketball and rowing, respectively), are on track to graduate this spring.

They, along with other members of the family, will be honored at midfield before the game with a moment of silence and a flyover by a Southwest 737 Boeing passenger jet at the conclusion of the nation anthem.

Inclement weather is expected this weekend, so hopefully conditions clear at least long enough for the tribute to go as planned.

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