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Could Oregon Be About To Offer Gundy $10m A Year?

Gundy reportedly turned down big money from Baylor, but could Oregon be making a run at Oklahoma State’s head coach?

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It’s been busy day on the coaching front, especially if you’re Mike Gundy. Just as reports were heating up of Gundy meeting with Baylor, the Bears announced they found their man, and it wasn’t coach Gundy. They hired Temple’s Matt Rhule.

However, things may have been more serious between Gundy and Baylor than originally thought. Jim Traber, who also played at Oklahoma State, and is a radio personality on Oklahoma City’s WWLS The Sports Animal, is reporting that Baylor offered Gundy a 10-year deal for $60 million on Sunday night, but after sleeping on it, Gundy turned the offer down.

There’s only a handful of reasons why a man would walk away from $6 million a year for 10 years. Either he’s perfectly content in Stillwater and used the meeting to leverage a better contract from Oklahoma State, or he thinks there’s more money to be had somewhere else.

That somewhere else could be Oregon. The Ducks have said they would be willing to pay a coach $10 million a year, and according to Traber, they are interested in coach Gundy.

Gundy is credited with turning Oklahoma State from an obscure mid-tier school in the Big 12 to a consistent 10-win program and a national brand. However, he’s struggled to get OSU to the next level and is coming off yet another frustrating loss to in-state rival Oklahoma. The offer, if it happens, could potentially make him the second highest paid coach in the country. That’s crazy, right?

According to CBS Sports, Matt Rhule turned down an offer from Oregon to accept Baylor’s offer. Who better to target next than the guy that turned Baylor down?

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