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Oklahoma Supreme Court Rules Mixon Video Should Be Released

The tape of Joe Mixon punching a female student in the face so hard it left her unconscious and in a pool of blood, may be released to the public soon. Two years after the incident.

Getty Images - Brett Deering

The Oklahoma Supreme Court has made its decision on whether or not the surveillance video tape showing Oklahoma star running back Joe Mixon punch a female student in the face, breaking four bones and knocking her unconscious, should be released to the public. Their ruling, it should be.

The incident dates back to approximately 2:30am on July 25th, 2014. Just days after Mixon first stepped foot on campus as a freshman.

The events of what happened leading up to the incident vary depending on who you ask, but both Joe Mixon and Amelia Molitor found themselves arguing with each other in the middle of Pickleman’s Cafe in Norman. What was exactly said may never be known, but there have been reports that homosexual and racial slurs were used.

What’s not in doubt, is what happened next. According to those that have seen the video, Mixon appears to say something to Molitor as he turns away. She then pushes him in retaliation for whatever was said. In response, Mixon made a fist and lunged at her as if he was going to strike Molitor. Molitor reacts by slapping him, and that’s when Mixon followed through with the threat, punching Molitor in the face. The whole exchange took less than three seconds.

Molitor instantly dropped to the ground where, as a Pickleman’s employee told me at the time, she lay unconscious with a pool of blood around her head.

“She was knocked out and blood was all over the floor,” A Pickleman’s employee said following the incident. “Her face was swollen as well, and her teeth weren’t aligning and it is possible her jaw and nose were broken.”

Mixon is seen immediately leaving the cafe.

It’s graphic video, and it’s obvious why those around Norman would like to keep it under wraps. It’s never been made available to the public, despite multiple FOIA requests made by the media.

The Oklahoma Association of Broadcasters filed a suit against the city of Norman, the Norman Police Department, and the Cleveland County District Attorney for access to the video, because it “showed facts detailing an arrest” and therefore should be public record.

In February a Cleveland County District Court Judge ruled against the Oklahoma Association of Broadcasters, blocking the video from being released, despite a law going into effect on November 1st of 2015 specifically intended to make videos like this one public record as part of the Oklahoma Open-Records Act.

For the OAB, that’s what this fight is about. It’s no longer about Joe Mixon and Oklahoma, it’s about preventing the government from being able to pick and choose what they want to release to the public.

The OAB filed an appeal, and it seems the Oklahoma Supreme Court has seen it their way. However, as the Tulsa World reports, that doesn’t mean the video will be made public immediately. The City of Norman has 20 days to appeal and to ask the court to reconsider their decision. That decision likely wouldn’t come until January at the earliest.

Molitor, who withdrew from OU and moved back home to Texas under intense pressure and scrutiny from the Oklahoma fan base, suffered four fractured bones in her face and underwent multiple surgeries to repair the damage done by Mixon.

Mixon was charged with acts resulting in gross injury, a misdemeanor, and he was suspended one year from football, which counted as his redshirt year while he attended classes on campus. He apologized to Molitor just a couple of week ago in an open public letter.

As a redshirt sophomore this season, he’s carried the ball 168 times and racked up 1183 yards, earned another 449 yards through 32 receptions and scored a total of 13 touchdowns for the Sooners.

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