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Oklahoma State

Mike Gundy Seen “Trimming” The Mullet

Coach Gundy was caught getting the mullet trimmed.



Getty Images - Tom Pennington

What started as a bad hair cut at Big 12 Media Days has taken on a life all of it’s own. Of course, I’m talking about Gundy’s mullet.

I warned that while Gundy embraced the mullet in fall camp, he might get stuck with it for the rest of the year as the team gets behind it. Although, I hoped that we would get a mulleted Gundy dancing in the locker room and Gundy rocking the mullet with his jacket tucked into his pants. Thankfully, we got both of those things, and it was glorious!

However, the days of the mullet may be over as Oklahoma State DE Triston Grant snapped a pic of Gundy sitting in a barber’s chair with a caption that reads. “He’s trimming the mullet, ya’ll”

It’s unclear exactly what “trimming” means. Is the mullet gone, or did he simply get it cleaned up a little bit? We won’t have to wait too long to find out as the Pokes prepare to face Colorado in the Alamo Bowl on December 29th.

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