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Dede Westbrook Arrested Twice For Domestic Violence Prior To OU Career

Receiver star Dede Westbrook has a not so great past.

Getty Images - Michael Reeves

Oklahoma’s Dede Westbrook has taken the college football world by storm on his way to earning 74 receptions, 1,465 yards, 16 touchdowns, and one Biletnikoff Trophy. However, some will now question whether or not Westbrook should ever have stepped foot on Oklahoma’s campus.

In a report, the Tulsa World revealed that Westbrook was arrested on complaints of domestic violence in 2012 and again in 2013.

On July 15, 2012, officers were called out to an apartment complex after a neighbor witnessed a man break an apartment window. According to the Tulsa World, Westbrook admitted to officers to breaking the window after his ex-girlfriend, and mother of his child, wouldn’t let him inside.

The woman, who said she started dating Westbrook in 2009 but the two were no longer in a relationship, declined to press charges and told police that Westbrook had not been physical with her. However, her story changed a month later.

On Aug. 24, the woman came into Cameron Police Department seeking a criminal trespass warrant against Westbrook, telling police she “just wanted Decrick to stay away from her and her residence.”

The woman went on to explain that the night police were called, she finally went to open the door after hearing the window break. Then, she said, Westbrook grabbed her by the arms, threw her to the ground and told her, “Don’t you ever do that s- — to me again.”

Westbrook was later arrested on a complaint of family violence, but the District Attorney declined to pursue the charges.

The police were called back to the same apartment less than a year later on April 25, 2013, and this time a more graphic scene is painted.

They arrived to find the mother of Westbrook’s children, who, in a police report, told officers trouble began at the local park when the woman saw Westbrook received a text from his ex-girlfriend.

Back at the apartment, the woman told police, Westbrook grabbed an Xbox and threw it across the room, where it broke on contact. Westbrook then grabbed the woman’s wallet and several Xbox games and attempted to leave the residence. The woman grabbed Westbrook’s shirt, trying to stop him from leaving with the wallet.

The report states Westbrook responded by biting the woman on the arm and punching her in the jaw with a closed fist.

An officer noted marks on the woman’s arm that night were “definitely bite marks” and had already started to swell.

The police report states Westbrook told officers, “(the woman’s) arm swept across his teeth, and that’s how the marks got on her arm.” Westbrook also told the officer he admitted to “grabbing (the woman’s) face to push her away from him.”

After the arrest, police reports indicate he told an officer the daughter he has with the women was not his biological child. But per the report, he asked if he could get in legal trouble if he were to take the girl from the woman without her consent. The officer told Westbrook he could face kidnapping charges and advised him to consult an attorney regarding child custody matters.

Westbrook was arrested on complaints of family violence once again, but those charges were later dropped.

According to Westbrook’s mother, she went and spoke with the alleged victim

“I told her, ‘You could ruin his life like that,’” his mother said.

His mother also claimed charges were dropped against her son after he was found to be innocent, but that does not appear to be the case. According to court documents, the case was dropped because the state was unable to locate their witness and after the alleged victim failed to appear in court, the charges were dismissed.

The report also shed some light on Westbrook’s arrest earlier this year. In May it was reported that Westbrook was arrested for criminal trespass in Texas, but not much was known about what led up to the arrest at the time.

According to the Tulsa World’s report, it stemmed from an incident where Westbrook was visiting the resident’s daughter, but according to the police report, both parties knew they were not supposed to have contact with each other, and the mother was not happy he was there.

The report details a Cameron resident calling police on Westbrook for being on her property. The report says Westbrook was visiting the resident’s daughter, but both parties knew Westbrook was not allowed on the property because of a past altercation.

As police sorted out the matter, the resident told officers she “didn’t do black people” and “did not want this n—– on her property.”

Despite being subjected to racial slurs, the report indicates, Westbrook remained cooperative and followed a patrol car to the sheriff’s office, where he was eventually booked in Milam County Jail on a criminal trespassing misdemeanor.

Westbrook cooperated with police and the report includes several quotes supporting Westbrook from those who think “he’s a good kid”. However, in the wake of the Baylor scandal, and the scrutiny coach Art Briles received for bringing in players with past domestic violence issues, it’s fair to wonder is coach Stoops will face the same scrutiny for bringing in players with domestic past domestic issues.

As for Westbrook, hopefully he can keep these issues in his past as he looks to the next level of his career in the NFL.


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