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Facing 3 Felony Counts, Oklahoma’s Perrish Cobb Suspended From School

President Boren tells the Tulsa World that Perrish Cobb is not only suspended from the football team, he’s suspended from the university as well.

Getty Images - Jimmy DeFlippo

Perrish Cobb’s journey to Norman, OK, was not the usual road taken. The Scout and Rivals four-star recruit first signed with Baylor as part of the Bear’s 2016 class. After former Baylor coach Art Briles was fired though, and a little campaigning by his father, Cobb was released from his National Letter of Intent, and was allowed to become a Sooner. However, a little trouble back home might be threatening his future at Oklahoma.

Earlier this month Cobb turned himself in to authorities in Waco, TX, after it was revealed arrest warrants were issued for him on three counts of felony first-degree aggravated robbery.

Cobb is accused of being the driver of a Dodge Challenger used in three separate armed robberies, one on January 7th and two on January 10th. In one of the robberies on January 10th, the victim was visiting a convenience store when a passenger got out of the Dodge Challenger and robbed the man at gun point. The suspect then got back into the car and fled.

Cobb has since been released from jail on $90,000 bond, but it doesn’t look like he will be returning to Norman anytime soon. University of Oklahoma President David Boren told the Tulsa World that Cobb has been suspended from the university.

“He’s suspended from the university and the team until the facts of the investigation (are known),” Boren said.

Cobb, a corner back, played in four games during the 2016 season and started at two. He finished the season with seven total tackles.

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