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Texas Tech’s Recruiting Class Heading Into National Signing Day

The Red Raiders class is pretty much already set heading into National Signing Day.

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Kliff Kingsbury has built a lot of excitement around Lubbock, despite a lack of production on the field, and this class shows that. Kingsbury seems to have become very keen on junior college players, as there are nine of them in this class. That means Texas Tech has a lot help immediately on the way, and they really need that help.

Eight of the nine of the JUCO recruits are 3-star prospects, as are ten of the other eleven recruits in the class. The only non 3-star prospects in the class are 4-star Jack Anderson and 2-star JUCO Dominic Panazzolo.


The Red Raiders sit at 6th in the conference currently, though they have a better recruit average than Baylor, as they seemingly value quality over quantity. They also, as I touched on earlier, keyed on guys who can contribute right away. Kliff Kingsbury can feel his seat heating up, and knows that he needs to start winning games to keep his job. There’s not a ton left out there for Texas Tech, but they do feel they have a few more guys left to land that can help them start winning some more games.

There’s really not a ton of prospects left that Texas Tech is actively pursuing. The guys left to land that will help them start winning more games that I mentioned will likely be graduate transfers, and we’ll start to see more discussions of that throughout the spring. If any more high school recruits do commit to Texas Tech, it would be a surprise, but the only ones I could see would be Zion Williams or Nate Shelton, but like I said, it’s unlikely.

Texas Tech will have a nice, calm signing day. That’s not typical for Kliff Kingsbury, butt he Red Raiders think they have a bright future with this class, and I don’t see any reason for the fans to think otherwise.

If anything interesting happens tomorrow, we’ll be here to cover it, and check back after NSD as we’ll cover the 2017 class in depth and how it address the Red Raiders’ needs.

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