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Rumors Swirl About Bill Snyder’s Health

Reports are surfacing that coach Snyder is facing some health concerns and is receiving treatment.

Getty Images - Tom Pennington

Rumors swirled Friday that Kansas State coach Bill Snyder is suffering from some “serious” health issues., Rivals Kansas State site, is reporting that Snyder has been receiving treatment for “a serious, but very treatable health issue”. has some more inside information on the issue, but it’s behind a pay wall, so that’s all we’ll share here until more information becomes readily available. In the meantime, we certainly encourage you to read Tim Fitzgerald’s post.

From the sounds of things, K-State fans can relax, coach Snyder should be just fine. However, the health scare does bring up another issue that’s somewhat becoming the elephant in the room in Manhattan, KS, and that is when will coach Snyder retire?

This is probably more of a talking point for the fans than it is the school, but let’s be honest, the school has to be thinking about it. Coach Snyder is a legend and no one is going to force him out, but at 77-years old, how much does he have left to give?

Many believe coach Snyder is holding out for his son, associate head coach and special teams coordinator Sean Snyder, to be named his successor. However, most fans, at least the vocal ones, aren’t too excited about Sean taking over things after the Wizard hangs up the windbreaker. After all, historically, the passing of the torch from father to son hasn’t worked out too well in the coaching ranks. Besides, you never want to be the guy to follow a legend. You want to be the guy that follows that guy.

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