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The SEC Is Sending 66 Players To The NFL Combine, The Big 12 Is Sending 18

Don’t blink, or you just might miss the Big 12’s showing at the 2017 NFL Combine.



Getty Images - Joe Robbins

Welp, it looks like it’s time for another round of ‘see how poorly the Big 12 stacks up to the rest of the Power Five conferences’, and this time we can’t even blame it on having fewer teams.

Most of the time, when ESPN puts a graphic on the screen comparing the conferences and the SEC and Big Ten have nice tall bars compared to the Big 12, it’s because they are going off of grand totals, but the stats isn’t nearly as exaggerated when you look at the average per team. As I said, most of the time. This time, and I’m not even going to turn the TV on to confirm this, it’s as bad as whatever graphic ESPN is going to show.

The NFL announced the invites for the 2017 NFL Combine, and it’s clear, the Big 12 has a talent, or at least a perception of talent, problem. The Big 12 received 18 invites in total. And if you’re thinking, ‘Hey, that’s not too bad. That’s almost two per school”, ya, about that, the SEC received 66 invites, or nearly five players per school. The ACC received 60 invites, or four players per school. The Pac-12, who received the second fewest in the Power Five, received 47 invites. That’s nearly four players per school. So no matter how you slice it, the rest of the Power Five sent at least twice as many players to the combine than the Big 12.

Now, the NFL announced ahead of time that Oklahoma running back Joe Mixon and Baylor receiver Ishmael Zamora would not be invited due to off-the-field issues, but even if they had been invited, that would only bring the Big 12’s total up to a whopping 20.

That’s not great.

Big 12 Draft Invites By School

5 – West Virginia
3 – Baylor
3 – Oklahoma
2 – Oklahoma State
2 – TCU
1 – Texas
1 – Texas Tech
1 – K-State

Neither Kansas or Iowa State had a player invited.

Looking at the totals the problem is painfully clear, Texas has to get better. They have to start winning the state of Texas in recruiting, because until the Big 12 can start making some noise on the recruiting trail, they are going to continue to struggle when it comes to putting players into the NFL.

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