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Coach Mike Gundy Dons Singlet In Epic Hype Video

Gundy gonna Gundy.

Twitter - Orange Power Studios

Coach Mike Gundy’s level of “don’t give a f***” has officially reached levels unprecedented in human history.

When you picture a multi-millionaire, what do you see? When you picture a Division I Power Five football coach, what do you see? I’m willing to bet it’s not a guy rocking a mullet, drinking from a “Big Daddy” coffee mug, wearing a singlet, with an “it is what it is” sign in the background and a player dapping for his Twitter header photo. But that’s exactly who coach Gundy is in a hype video to promote #1 Oklahoma State wrestling as #2 Penn State comes to town.

And the best part? This is who Mike Gundy truly is. Well, the singlet is new.


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