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Texas RB D’Onta Foreman Says He Played With Broken Hand In 2016

Foreman’s impressive 2016 season seems even more incredible now as he reveals he was suffering from a broken hand for much of the year.



Getty Images - Justin K Aller

D’Onta Foreman was an absolute beast last season. He ran for over 200 yards in three games last season, which includes a 341-yard showing against Texas Tech. All together, he rushed for over 2,000 yards last season and 15 touchdowns, and it now appears that he did it all, or at least a significant portion, with a broken hand.

In an interview with “The Triple Threat”, Foreman revealed that he played with a broken hand last season, and just kept it under wraps.

“There is always something you’ve got to work on, ball security and pass protection,” Foreman said, “I played during the season with a broken hand that nobody knew about. I just kept it under wraps.”

If there was a knock on Foreman’s performance last season, it’s that he was prone to turning the ball over. He coughed up six fumbles on the year, and that’s a concern with a few teams as he prepares for the NFL Draft. However, that stat is much more understandable in light of the injury. Whoever takes a chance on him is going to end up with one heck of a back.

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