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Judge Issues Protective Order Against Baylor Star Travon Blanchard

Allegations against Travon Blanchard accuse the Baylor star of beating up girlfriend and threatening to kill her.

Getty Images - Christian Petersen

Just when you thought it couldn’t get any worse at Baylor…

Reports surfaced late Tuesday night that Baylor has suspended star nickelback Travon Blanchard after a McLennan County judge issued a protective order against him. Blanchard is accused of being aggressive and physical towards his girlfriend, and at one point, allegedly threatened to kill her.

The affidavit, filed by the victim on February 4th, outlines several instances of violence and abusive behavior dating back to July 4th weekend of last year, and accuses Blanchard of controlling “many aspects of the applicant’s life”.

According to, Blanchard reportedly became upset on July 4th weekend that his girlfriend had friends over and tried to force her inside the house. Her friends tried to intervene, and eventually police were called.

It says he “rushed the applicant, grabbed her by her wrists, began swearing and insulting her, and attempted to force himself and the applicant into her apartment.”

Friends tried to intervene but Blanchard became “increasingly violent”, and police were called, the affidavit says.

He continued to force her inside of her apartment in front of police, and let go only when “the police threatened him with an arrest for insubordination,” the affidavit says.

The alleged violence only escalates from there. In November the affidavit outlines an incident where Blanchard didn’t like a tweet made by the victim.

It says he “grabbed both of (her) arms, backed her up roughly 10 feet, slammed her against the car, and threw her on the floor (similar to a football tackle).

Over a Tweet! Blanchard allegedly tried to control more than just her Twitter too. In January, he reportedly didn’t like a Snapchat message she received on January 17th either, and once again became physical.

It says he picked her up, and “began tossing and shoving the applicant around the apartment, slamming her into the sofa, bed, and walls several times causing soreness in her entire body,” the affidavit says.

Things then escalated in February when Blanchard didn’t like her talking with a male waiter and broke her finger; which led to the victim filing for the protection order.

According to the affidavit filed in support of the order, on Feb. 4, Blanchard became upset when a waiter approached the woman at a restaurant and asked whether they knew each other.

Blanchard “began verbally abusing the applicant”, and followed her as she tried to leave, the affidavit says.

He grabbed her hand in an attempt to take her car keys and broke her finger, cutting the finger “to the point where she was unable to have it stitched,” the affidavit says.

She was able to flag down a nearby police officer, but Blanchard fled the scene, and police weren’t able to find him.

The allegations are beyond disturbing as they detail Blanchard’s attempt to control who she spoke to, what she wore, and when she tried to break up with him, he damaged her car and threatened to kill her.

Baylor was swift to suspend Blanchard once the protection order was issued, but these allegation will raise more questions on how the school handles Title IX issues involving football players. Was the school aware police had to interfere back in July? Has she made any reports of the alleged abuse to anyone affiliated with the university? Baylor needs to answer these questions and more.



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