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Texas Rangers Open Investigation Into Baylor

The eyes of Texas are upon Baylor

Getty Images - Ronald Martinez

It was announced on Wednesday that the Texas Rangers will be conducting a preliminary investigation into Baylor and the school’s handling of several allegation of sexual assault by football players.

“The Texas Rangers are working with the local prosecutor to conduct a preliminary investigation to determine if further action is warranted,” spokesman Tom Vinger said in a statement.

The announcement comes after Texas state representative Ronald Gutierrez filed a motion asking Governor Greg Abbott to request the Rangers to investigate Baylor.

By last count, 31 different players have been accused of 52 sexual assaults over the last six years. The school is already under investigation by the Department of Education and the NCAA for Title IX violations.

Baylor has since issued a statement in response to the investigation, and pledged to cooperate with the Rangers.

“Baylor University pledges to extend our full cooperation with the Texas Rangers surrounding the issue of sexual assaults that occurred within our campus community several years ago, as we have done with other external inquiries that are currently underway.”

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