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Houston DT Ed Oliver Takes Shot At Former Coach Tom Herman

Houston’s All-American defensive tackle is throwing major shade Tom Herman’s way.

Twitter - Joseph Duarte

Do you think Houston isn’t a little bit salty about one, not being invited into the Big 12, and two, the Longhorns stealing their coach? I think it’s safe to say there’s still some resentment. Why else would All-American defensive tackle Ed Oliver feel the need to take a shot at his former coach?

When asked about how this spring practice, and how it compared to last season under coach Herman, Oliver took his shot.

It just feels like a lot less yelling and a lot more coaching,” Oliver replied.

Now, there’s no doubt that coach Herman is intense. He made it clear in his press conference on Monday that he demands effort, because you can’t fix that. And coach Major Applewhite, who took over the Houston program when Herman left, may be a more relaxed coach. That’s probably true. However, to imply that Herman isn’t a good coach is laughable, and that’s exactly what that shot is implying.

Oliver was a big get for coach Herman in Houston’s 2016 class and went on to earn All-American honors. So, it had to be tough for Oliver to watch the coach that he committed to leave the program. But he should chose his shots wisely, because now the pressure is on coach Applewhite to bring the same success to Houston that coach Herman did.

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