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Former QB David Ash To Work Out At Texas’ Pro Day …As A Punter

Former Texas quarterback David Ash is attempting a comeback, but at a surprising position.

Getty Images - Cooper Neill

File this under “things from left field”. Former Texas QB David Ash, the same David Ash that retired from football in 2014, will work out at Texas’ Pro Day in an attempt at a comeback. However, he’s attempting the comeback as a punter.


Not often does a QB make the switch to punter, but in Ash’s case it might not be that big of a leap. He punted some in high school and even earned AP first-team all-district 12-5A honors by averaging 43.1 yards per punt. He as also apparently been working with former NFL kicker Raul Allegres since November to prepare for the workout at Pro Day.

“It’s true,” Allegre told Horns Digest. “The goal is to kick during pro day.”

The biggest question will be Ash’s durability. Not that punters have to worry about durability much, but Ash was forced to retire from football in 2014 due to concussions. Doctors have cleared him to play, but still, is there an NFL team that would take the risk considering the attention and concern around concussion injuries? Heck, is there an NFL team that will take a QB-turned-punter to begin with? It’s not exactly a position known to go very high in the draft, and there’s plenty of other punters with a bit more experience. Those questions will be answered soon enough, but in the meantime we can think about all the cool trick plays Ash would be able to run.

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