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March Madness “If It Was Football” Championship Bracket: Round of 32

What if the tournament was played with a school’s football team instead of their basketball team, who would win? We set out to find that out.

Round one is complete. We’ve seen a lot of byes, Jim Harbaugh and Mike Gundy fist fighting, and a whole lot of very bad football games. The second round is not a whole lot better.

Disclaimer: All games were simulated using, as a way to simulate some of the randomness of both the tournament, and of college football. Picking the best teams would be too easy, and unrealistic, because the best teams don’t always win in college football.


Villanova vs Virginia Tech: 
Virginia Tech gets a way easier second round matchup, against a non-FBS opponent. Easy win, as VT gobbles into the sweet sixteen.
Winner: VT

UVA vs Florida: 
If I saw this game listed on my television guide, I would throw my remote and run in fear. Call the police, because this game would commit crimes against offense. Florida wins, but they have an awful time doing it, as does everyone else.
Winner: Florida

SMU vs Baylor: 
SMU’s magic runs out quickly, and Chad Morris doesn’t have enough talent to coach up to beat Baylor.
Winner: Baylor

South Carolina vs Duke: 
Duke is good at basketball, and not so good at football. South Carolina isn’t great at either, but they’re probably good enough to take care of Duke.
Winner: South Carolina


SDSU vs Vanderbilt: 
Vandy doesn’t have a very good football team, but they do have a good enough football team to hold off SDSU.
Winner: Vanderbilt

Notre Dame vs West Virginia: 
Notre Dame went 4-8.
Winner: West Virginia

Maryland vs Florida State: 
The Noles are one of the best teams in college football. Maryland is, well, not.
Winner: Florida State

Arizona vs VCU: 
Arizona receives a bye.


Kansas vs Michigan State: 
I plugged this game into whatifsports, and had legitimate fear that I’d crashed the website because of how long it took to give me the winner. When it revealed the winner, I realized why there was a delay. The machine was attempting to fight its own results, double and triple checking, trying to be sure that nothing had gone horribly wrong. The world will soon end. The Jayhawkalypse has begun.
Winner: DOOM

Iowa State vs Purdue: 
Iowa State and Purdue are pretty much the same school.
Winner: Iowa State

Rhode Island vs Oregon: 
Oregon was very bad last season, but not bad enough to lose this game.
Winner: Oregon

Michigan vs Louisville: 
This would’ve been a really good game. Michigan has the hardest path to the championship, but so far, they’re powering through.
Winner: Michigan


North Carolina vs Arkansas: 
Battle of the two teams that seem good but actually aren’t good. North Carolina gets the edge because they actually field an offense, even if that offense is led by future Patriots MVP Ryan Switzer and future NFL Network analyst Mitchell Trubisky.
Winner: North Carolina

Minnesota vs Butler: 
Minnesota receives a bye.

Kansas State vs UCLA: 
Death. Taxes. Bill Synder.
Winner: Kansas State

Kentucky vs Dayton: 
Kentucky receives a bye.

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