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The Texas-Texas Tech Rivalry Came Up In A Congressional Meeting, Because Of Course …?

Wait, Texas Tech and Texas Are Who Now?

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Things got weird during a congressional hearing today when comparisons were made between the Trump-Clinton rivalry and the Texas-Texas Tech rivalry.

The exchange took place after FBI director James Comey confirmed that the FBI is looking into connections and allegations of collusion between the Trump campaign and Russia. Representative Mike Conaway, from Texas, then brought up the Texas-Texas Tech rivalry.  Thanks to @JRDarius1 on Twitter, you can watch the exchange below.

If I followed that right, Tump is Texas Tech. Hillary is Texas, and Putin is a Red Raider fan.

Comey tried to run with the analogy by saying that wherever the Red Raiders are playing you want them to win, but I’m not sure either really got their point across as they both look confused towards the end of the exchange.

I’m not sure how much Red Raider football gets brought up on capitol hill, but I’m guessing it is not a lot. However, Texas Tech was ready for their unexpected shout out, and won the day with this perfect tweet.

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