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Former Baylor TE Tre’Von Armstead Arrested …Again

Former Baylor player Tre’Von Armstead is in trouble with the law once again.

Sports Illustrated

UPDATE: 3/23/2017 – It is being reported that the warrant for Armstead’s arrest was issued in relation to the alleged 2013 sexual assault incident while at Baylor — the same incident in which he is currently facing a civil suit — and it is not from a new case.


Holy smokes, it has not been a good month for Tre’Von Armstead. The former Baylor tight end was arrested on March 13th in Las Vegas for pushing a woman outside a hotel. He then added to his charges by resisting arrest and even kicked out the window to the cop car.

Well surprise, surprise, less than 10 days later it is being reported by KCEN News that Armstead has been arrested once again. This time on a sexual assault warrant. Details of the incident leading up to the issued warrant have not been made public at this time, but the warrant is out of McLennan County, TX, and he is currently being held at Jefferson County Jail. Bail has been set at $150,000.

In case you don’t remember, Armstead is currently facing a civil suit for his involvement in an alleged sexual assault while at Baylor. An incident that Baylor didn’t investigate until two years after it happened. Armstead maintained that he did not have sex with the alleged victim. However, Myke Chatman, who was also alleged to have taken part in the incident, admitted later that they did. Neither Armstead nor Chatman were charged with a crime, but Baylor’s investigation led to Armstead’s dismissal after Baylor determined that at the very least the victim was too inebriated to give legal consent.

This is a country where everyone is innocent until proven guilty, but if something walks like a duck, talks like a duck, it’s probably a duck.

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