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Gruden on Mahomes, “He’s The Most Interesting Guy In This Draft”

Jon Gruden sat down with Texas Tech QB Patrick Mahomes, and he had some high praise for the NFL Draft prospect.


ESPN’s NFL quarterback guru Jon Gruden recently sat down with Patrick Mahomes II and the former Texas Tech QB certainly seems to have left an impression. Gruden had high praise for Mahomes when talking about the meeting.

“He can do a lot,” Gruden said. “My opinion is what it is, but I know I speak for a lot of people. He’s the most interesting guy in this draft. He has tremendous ability. You don’t make throws like he’s making unless you have a lot of great stuff.”

It’s clear that Gruden thinks that Mahomes can be something special, but he does point out some things that Mahomes needs to work on. Gruden points out that he needs to learn how to take snaps from under center and communicate on the field verbally, but above all else, he needs to be consistent.

“You can’t score 66 points against Iowa State one year, and then 10 the next.” Gruden said.

Ouch. Brutal line aside, Gruden goes on to deliver maybe the highest praise possible. He has watched a lot of QB tape and interviewed countless talented QB’s and he credits Mahomes with a throw that is one of the best he has ever seen, if not the best.

The throw Gruden is talking about takes place against Louisiana Tech. Mahomes gets flushed out to his left and flicks it across his body 55 yards like it’s cake for a wide-open TD pass. Here’s Mahomes’ highlights from that game, the pass takes place about the 2:40 mark, but you should watch the whole thing. Even the incomplete passes are incredible.

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