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Texas Tech’s Practice Facility Caught Fire On Wednesday

In a somewhat alarming scene, Texas Tech’s practice facility was engulfed in smoke as a fire broke out.

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News broke late Wednesday that the practice facility at Texas Tech University was on fire, and large clouds of dark smoke could be seen engulfing the stadium. Thankfully though, it looked way worse than it actually was. The site where the fire took place was under construction, and it has been reported that no one was hurt in the accident and damage was minimal.

“Late this afternoon a fire was reported at the construction site of the Sports Performance Center south of Jones AT&T Stadium. No injuries were reported and the small fire was contained. At this time, the cause and extent of damage is unknown. We will update once an investigation is completed.” The school said in a statement.

Clearly this is less than ideal for your practice facility. In a perfect world, athletes would have normal, safe practice areas that do not include searing flames or harmful smoke.

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