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March Madness “If It Was Football” Championship Bracket: Sweet 16

Four Big 12 teams advance to the Elite Eight! Which sounds like we hand-picked the winners, but we swear we didn’t. It’s all computer simulated.

Round one is complete. Round two is complete. So, onto the Sweet 16, and we’re finally starting to get some actual football matchups. Despite the NCAA making many bad decisions, including putting schools that don’t even field football teams in this football tournament, we’ve found some good games.

Disclaimer: All games were simulated using, as a way to simulate some of the randomness of both the tournament, and of college football. Picking the best teams would be too easy, and unrealistic, because the best teams don’t always win in college football.


Virginia Tech vs Florida: 
This would probably be a pretty fun game. I think Virginia Tech has a slight edge, and the simulation agrees with me. Fuente and his boys advance to the elite eight.
Winner: Virginia Tech

Baylor vs South Carolina:
Battle of the “could be good but who really knows” teams of both the SEC and Big 12. Baylor gets the edge, and advances to the elite eight, due in most part to a VERY easy path.
Winner: Baylor


West Virginia vs Vanderbilt: 
West Virginia had a very good team last year, as long as they weren’t playing any other teams that were also good. Luckily for them, Vanderbilt isn’t good.
Winner: West Virginia

Florida State vs Arizona: 
If I didn’t research before doing this tournament, I could have been convinced that Arizona was good last year, because I absolutely didn’t watch a second of Arizona football last season. It turns out, the Wildcats were not good.
Winner: Florida State.


Kansas vs Iowa State: 
I had absolutely no impact on this result. I did not tamper with the machine, I did not stuff the ballots, I did not interfere in anyone. The very accurate simulation website has made the incredible decision that Kansas would make it to the Elite Eight in a tournament of college football teams. The end is near.
Winner: Kansas

Michigan vs Oregon: 
This would be a great Rose Bowl matchup if both teams weren’t actually bad. That’s right folks, you heard it here first, Michigan was actually bad last year, and they’re going to be this upcoming year too. Even though Michigan lied to you, they were still better than the abysmal team Oregon trotted out last year.
Winner: Michigan


North Carolina vs Minnesota: 
Winner: Minnesota

Kansas State vs Kentucky: 
Fun fact: Kentucky will never be good at football. Another fun fact: Bill Snyder will live for as long as there are field goals to be kicked.
Winner: Kansas State

The Elite Eight is set, and it features four(!!!) Big 12 teams. If only the Big 12 didn’t ever have to play anyone good in real life. Because, as we’re seeing here, as long as the opposition is weak, Kansas, Wrest Virginia, Baylor, and Kansas State are incredibly good.

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