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U.S. Marshals Arrest Second Former Baylor Player Accused In 2013 Rape

Former Baylor player Myke Chatman was arrested by U.S. Marshals for his alleged involvement in a 2013 sexual assault.

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A 2013 alleged sexual assault by two Baylor football players was widely publicized last year when it came to light that Baylor didn’t investigate it until two years later, despite the incident being reported to the police.

Former tight end Tre’Von Armstead maintained his innocence during Baylor’s investigation, and Myke Chatman had already left the school by the time Baylor got around to trying to figure out what happened. However, Chatman did admit to school officials that him and Armstead had sex with the victim (although he claims it was consensual) something what Armstead had denied. The school determined that at the very least the victim was too inebriated to give legal consent and gave Armstead the boot.

Both Armstead and Chatman have been named in a civil suit by the victim, but police suspended the investigation shortly after it happened and no criminal charges ever came. That is, until now. Earlier this week it was reported that former Baylor tight end Tre’Von Armstead had been arrested on a warrant stemming from the alleged rape, and on Thursday U.S. Marshals caught up with Myke Chatman.

“We have been working with Baylor and they have been cooperating in providing us information on various incidents including sexual assaults,” McLennan County District Attorney Abel Reyna said after Armstead’s arrest.

The original investigation was suspended after the victim told police that she did not wish to press charges, and inconsistencies developed in her story. Originally she was adamant that she had not been sexually assaulted and the encounter was consensual. However, her story changed days later as her friends told her she was raped and she admitted to police that she was intoxicated and couldn’t remember what had happened. However, District Attorney Reyna has indicated that new evidence has been found which lead to the warrants for Armstead and Chatman.

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