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K-State Football Uses Equipment Truck To Aid In Wildfire Relief

Wildfires have decimated western Kansas, and the Wildcats are doing what they can to help.

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Kansas State proves yet again that they are one of the most likable teams in all of College Football. From doing things the right way to Coach Bill Snyder’s hand written letters, the Wildcats are the class of college football. They proudly represent their “Family” values, and that was on full display this week as KSU used their equipment truck to help deliver hay to wildfire ravaged western Kansas.

In the past month, wildfires have ravaged large portions of the Texas panhandle, Western Oklahoma, Colorado, and western Kansas. For many, their crops and livestock are simply gone, and they don’t have the hay they need to take care of the animals they have left. Folks in this part of the country are in need.

Kansas State’s equipment semi was utilized to haul hay to farmers in western Kansas that have been effect by the wildfires. The sheer financial loss that has taken place in the fires is devastating beyond belief. As a firefighter/EMT in Oklahoma, I have been watching these fires extensively. To see the generosity of Kansas State University is a heart-warming reminder that our beloved Universities are not just here to entertain us on the football field, they are willing and ready to help the communities and State that they proudly represent.

Kansas State University, I salute you.

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