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March Madness “If It Was Football” Championship Bracket: Elite Eight

The Big 12 put four teams into the Elite Eight, but the wheels have fallen off the bus. Well, three of the four wheels, anyway.

Round one is complete. Round two is complete. The Sweet Sixteen is complete. Only eight teams remain, and four of them call the Big 12 home. They all face stiff competition this week, we’ll see how they fare, and if we get an all Big 12 Final Four, in this edition of the March Madness “If It Was Football” Championship Bracket.

Disclaimer: All games were simulated using, as a way to simulate some of the randomness of both the tournament, and of college football. Picking the best teams would be too easy, and unrealistic, because the best teams don’t always win in college football.


Virginia Tech vs Baylor
Baylor finally faces off against a good team, and their run comes to an end. Virginia Tech was pretty decent last year, and Baylor was, well, not. Virginia Tech moves on the Final four.
Winner: Virginia Tech


Florida State vs. West Virginia: 
Easily the best matchup of this round, this one would be very, very interesting. The Big 12’s best remaining team and the ACC’s best remaining team face off, and, unlike in the rest of these games, the Big 12 gets the win.
Winner: West Virginia


Kansas vs Michigan: 
We all knew it had to end eventually. The worst one seed in history had goofed their way to the elite eight, but we all knew it would eventually come to this. Our sweet Jayhawks lack the talent to take down a team like Michigan, as Jim Harbaugh and the Khakis advance to the Final Four.
Winner: Michigan


Kansas State vs Minnesota: 
I’m mad at Not because I disagree with the result, but because I know that people are going to be very mad at me because the computer didn’t pick their favorite team in an imaginary bracket. Sorry, Kansas State.
Winner: Minnesota

Well, as it turns out, the conference we love to know fell short when faced with top-level competition, especially since none of the four remaining Big 12 teams were all that good in the first place. It’s all up to you, West Virginia.

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