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Oklahoma State’s Season Opener Could Be Moving To Thursday

According to a report, Oklahoma State’s first two games could be moving to weekdays.

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According to a report from, Oklahoma State’s season opener against Tulsa could be moving to Thursday night. The reason moving the game would be for TV reasons  (it’s definitely not for the fans) as the Big 12 is required by their television contracts to provide four Thursday night games.

For fans traveling to Stillwater, playing on Thursday night can be frustrating. Most fans come from either the Tulsa and Oklahoma City areas which is about a 45 minute drive. Well, a 45 minute drive, normally. Travel for a weeknight game is especially frustrating as the highways get jammed with everyone getting off work at the same time fighting through rush hour traffic in an effort to make it to the stadium before kickoff. Let’s face it, it is much easier to stay home and watch it in high-definition from your couch.

Not to mention that it also takes away a valuable tailgating weekend, which is half the fun. More than that though, it is a blow to the local economy. For many small businesses in Stillwater, their entire year will be made on those six game day weekends. Take one away, and that is a major blow.

As much as fans hate weeknight games though, it would provide the Cowboys with some national exposure they might not get otherwise. Even though the Cowboys are a potential top 10 team and Tulsa is a in-state rival, the matchup against Golden Hurricanes is not all that intriguing from a national standpoint. Especially, as opening weekend has become chalk full of high-profile matchups over the last few years.

If the Poke’s season opener is moved to Thursday, it could impact their next game too. According to, if the season opener is moved then the following week’s game against South Alabama will be moved to that Friday night.

Moving both games would provide the Cowboys with an extra day to prepare for both USA and the following week’s game when Oklahoma State travels to Pitt. However, while it could be a good strategic move, it would mean that Oklahoma State fans won’t have a true tailgating weekend until September 23 when TCU comes to town. That can’t sit well with season ticket holders.

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