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March Madness “If It Was Football” Bracket: Final Four & Championship

The Final Four is here and it feature a couple great rivalry games!

Round one is complete. Round two is complete. The Sweet Sixteen is complete. The Elite Eight is complete. Only four teams remain in the “If It Was Football” Championship Bracket, and today, A champion will be crowned. We saw four Big 12 teams reach the Elite Eight, but after a rough round, only one remains. We are all West Virginia fans today.

Disclaimer: All games were simulated using, as a way to simulate some of the randomness of both the tournament, and of college football. Picking the best teams would be too easy, and unrealistic, because the best teams don’t always win in college football.


Virginia Tech vs. West Virginia
Interestingly enough, the battle of the black diamond trophy returns to actual football this September. The Mountaineers will face the Hokies in their season opener, and let’s hope this fictitious matchup is not an indicator of how things are going to turn out in the fall. Unfortunately for the Big 12, West Virginia’s tourney run ends here as VT advances to the championship.
Winner: Virginia Tech

Michigan vs. Minnesota 
The Battle for the Little Brown Jug is one of the Big Ten’s many wonderful, meaningless rivalry games. It’s rare to see rivalry games in the postseason, and even though we get another one here, the one we get is a bit of a downer for two reasons. Firstly, this isn’t a real tournament. Secondly, Michigan is way better than Minnesota.
Winner: Michigan


Virginia Tech vs. Michigan 
It all comes down to this. 68 teams have battled, but only two remain. We’ve seen upsets, we’ve seen incredible matchups, we’ve seen a lot of byes distributed for some reason, and we’ve seen the first ever Cinderella one-seed in Kansas, and now, we’ll see one final game. This matchup, despite its championship pedigree, would probably be awful to watch in real life. Because of that, Michigan wins the only way Jim Harbaugh knows how: ugly.
Champion: Michigan.

Well, there we have it. Michigan is the National Champion of this fictional tournament. In my professional opinion, Kansas should have won it just because I know they almost certainly tried very hard, but alas, the computer doesn’t take which team has the most heart in to account. Congratulations Michigan, maybe this will make up for having not won a championship outright since 1948.

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